Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Asheville topless rally moves to visible location” (Aug. 20):

I’m trying to determine the value of the topless rally in Asheville

The article on the Topless Rally in Asheville caught my attention for two reasons: (1) LaDonna Allison needs a firmer grasp on reality and (2) the Observer should cease providing even one inch of coverage to such an inane rally.

If LaDonna Allison wants to foster more equality for women, she should volunteer at adult reading classes or help babysit children so single mothers can attend GED or job skills classes. Parading topless in Asheville will do absolutely nothing for women’s equality.

Janis Roelker


In response to “McCrory lawyer: Stock mistake was mine, not his” (Aug. 19 Feedback):

Attorney’s admission on Gov’s stock holdings sounded a lot like whining

Mr. Stephens’ mea culpa was pathetic. First, he childishly blamed the “very liberal” Charlotte Observer editorial board for the problems he created, and then he offered a half-throated admission of guilt, claiming ignorance as his excuse for not following the law. Seems a lawyer should know that won’t work.

Man up, quit whining and blaming others, provide full disclosure, and then come on back home to Charlotte. It’s apparent he makes a better cheerleader for the governor than general counsel.

Kelly Scherer


In response to “Charlotte to study pay as you throw” (Aug. 18):

I don’t like the smell of Charlotte’s revenue-raising garbage idea

This idea stinks!

It’s shameful that the City is now struggling to meet its most basic societal functions, while at the same time funding renovations for highly profitable sports complexes. By this logic, maybe only those attending games should pay for the renovations? Maybe we should also bill individuals for police and fire services, only when used.

Hey City Council, if you can’t find a way to fund basic services, retract your ideas of grandeur until you can afford it.

Doug Wynne


U.S. should recognize that border crossers intend harm to our country

It’s time to immediately secure the borders of the United States of America for the safety of all American citizens and visitors. From my experience living in Texas and seeing the borders first hand, I know there are many border crossers who intend to do harm to the U.S. They recruit for gangs, the Mexican cartel and plan more bad things than you could ever imagine.

Fellow citizens, please take a stand and demand that our leaders secure our borders or tell us why they choose to not do so.

Chuck Painter


Aren’t beautiful trees on the east side of Charlotte worth protecting?

Disturbing to see all the beautiful, old-growth trees hacked down to “put up a parking lot” at Meridian Place on Monroe Road and Idlewild. If it were in Myers Park or Dilworth, I bet some of those grandfather trees would have been protected.

Justine Busto


In response to “$100 athletic fee sidelines high school athletes” (Aug. 22):

Athletic fee change shows school system isn’t serving students well

CMS decides to charge more students $100 to play ball than it has historically, then tells coaches not to speak about it. In a billion-dollar operation that is supposed to serve children, this is an example of the attitude of administration.

Charge for an activity that might be the only thing a child likes about school and stifle dissent. This is what public schools have become: a place for administration, not children and teachers.

Lewis Guignard

Crouse, N.C.

A note to the man who saved the dog wandering on a Charlotte roadway

To the young man with the gentle soul who got out of his car (clad in white dress shirt and tie) on Sardis Road on Wednesday and picked up the little gray dog wandering disoriented in the street, here is the result of your act of kindness:

Turns out the family just moved to their new home and recently lost their 13-year-old golden retriever to old age. They were devastated when they realized that their 15-year-old shih tzu had gotten out. They did not anticipate a good ending. But this story has a happy ending and Grace is safe at home with her family.

Holly Jarrett