Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “City: OK to spend $33.5M on arena” (Aug. 26):

No telling where city funding of sports teams will end

The Charlotte City Council gave Jerry Richardson $87.5 million, Michael Jordan is slated to get $27.5 million, and Bruton Smith is probably licking his chops.

What’s next? A badminton stadium inside a dome with push-button fireworks?

Jim Cherry


Sure hope there’s some left

in city till for less fortunate

Now that the Panthers and the Hornets have theirs, hopefully there is something left in the “money pit” for Charlotte’s homeless?

John E. Offerdahl


In response to “CMS tries grading system change” (Aug. 25):

New CMS grading system sends the wrong message

I’ve been in education for 23 years. An 84 is the highest “C” you can make, and according to the language on most standard report cards a “C” is average.

It concerns me that CMS is saying it’s not OK for some kids to be just average.

Since when did that become a bad thing? Many students get accepted to college with a “C” average.

It also seems this new grading system puts a tremendous extra burden on the teacher.

Todd Humphrey

Mint Hill

High school kids need their sleep; move 7:15 a.m. start

Having high school students in the classroom at 7:15 a.m. is counterproductive. Their brains don’t function that early.

It would be much more humane for teenagers and their teachers to start their day at 8 a.m., after the elementary school students begin at 7:45 a.m.

Child psychologists reinforce this idea – not just this concerned grandmother.

Felicia Lee


In response to “Judge takes opportunity from students at ‘lousy’ schools” (Aug. 26 Forum):

Don’t want ‘lousy’ schools? Then, parents must step up

Forum writer John Petrie should consider the following:

First, $4,200 in government dollars won’t go far in paying private school tuition in Charlotte for a low-income family.

Second, families with children going to “lousy” schools should take responsibility, like many in Charlotte, and get in the lottery for magnet schools, or show up and help make their schools better.

Third, CMS has many fantastic schools with outstanding teachers.

This is not a liberal or conservative issue; it’s a personal responsibility issue.

Jane Baker Pasquini


In response to “Soon, U.S. will have to confront Islamic State” (Aug. 26 Viewpoint):

Obama on right track with limited engagement in Mideast

Trudy Rubin believes ISIS is an existential threat, endangering the very existence of America? Silly scare-talk.

U.S. actions in the Mideast have created widespread chaos and woe. We are mistrusted and have few good alternatives.

It’s time to realize that we just don’t have a dog in this fight.

Obama’s limited engagement in the ISIS struggle is a correct response.

J. Paige Straley


In response to “Keeping the faith, crossing the line?” (Aug. 24 Sports):

Foundation targets wrong group for wrong reasons

Thank goodness we have the Freedom From Religion Foundation to protect us from extremist religions – those who behead civilians on YouTube, treat women like animals, and encourage members to strap on bombs for mass killings.

Oh wait! The FFRF isn’t targeting them. Christians are the target. Yes, that religious group governed by radical doctrine like honoring your parents, helping the poor, and treating fellow humans with love and respect.

We certainly don’t want people to act like that now do we?

Barbara Shiffler


Lift up working families, time to raise minimum wage

Labor Day is around the corner. While some will relax, others will have to work a second or even third job that day because their minimum-wage jobs do not pay enough to cover basic living expenses.

It’s wrong that working families are losing ground because Congress refuses to take action on raising the minimum wage.

While Congress plays politics, working families must decide how to allocate their meager salaries. That means figuring out how to pay for gas and groceries.

Jobs should lift workers out of poverty, not trap them in poverty. How is a family expected to survive on an unlivable wage?

Liz Shinkle