Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

A Krauthammer shocker – and a quake

We here in America experienced two shocker events over this past weekend.

The most major of these was the earthquake in Napa, Calif., which is bound to bump up the price of your favorite wine.

The second – only slightly less major – was Charles Krauthammer’s Saturday column, which for the first time in five years – are you ready for this? – actually featured not one but two separate positive remarks about President Obama!

So yes, on two counts, I think it can be said that indeed there is a God!

Bernie Hargadon


In response to “Hagan chides Obama, Tillis” (Aug. 27):

Voters won’t be fooled by

Hagan’s political posturing

I observed with amusement Sen. Kay Hagan’s carefully choreographed kabuki dance during President Obama’s visit.

Sen. Hagan, being a politician, wants to have it both ways.

The facts, however, are clear: She supported all major Obama/Reid/Pelosi initiatives and she should stand – or fall – on that record.

Steven P. Nesbit


In response to “Obama in Charlotte, promises to help vets” (Aug. 27):

Wonder what could have been if Obama hadn’t been targeted

I don’t know why President Obama bothers to come down South to talk to these people.

Never in history has the opposition party vowed to oppose everything – even their own ideas – that a newly elected president might propose. These same people will look you right in the eye and tell you race has nothing to do with it.

I wonder what great things could have been accomplished if Republicans had chosen to work with this president, instead of trying to demonize him?

Rudy Abrams


In response to “Judge takes opportunity from students at ‘lousy’ schools” (Aug. 26 Forum):

Vouchers no different from welfare or food stamps

I have a question for the advocates of vouchers. How does accepting a voucher to attend a private school differ from accepting welfare or food stamps, all of which are funded by taxpayers?

Bonner Mills

Mount Holly

In response to “City: OK to spend $33.5M on arena” (Aug. 26):

Quit spending our tax money on things we don’t need

In tough economic times we all must make difficult choices.

Our local government officials refuse to act responsibly because they see us, the tax-paying citizens, as an unlimited fountain of money they can use to feed their egos.

We simply cannot afford the $33.5 million for Time Warner Cable Arena, nor the millions we gave the Panthers, or other frivolous spending.

It is time to take back our city and county and get spending under control.

Hank Federal


In response to “Charlotte to study ‘pay as you throw’ ” (Aug. 21):

Kick ‘pay as you throw’ to the curb; here’s a better idea

The idea to put recyclables in a plastic bag at the curb should be tossed out with the trash.

Here’s a better idea. In North Miami, Fla., our recycled materials were picked up once a week from cans at the curb. Each can was weighed before being dumped into the truck.

We received on-line coupons good at local stores, including Publix, based on how much we recycled. Everybody wins.

If a small city the size of North Miami can do it, why not Charlotte?

John Cox


In response to “Cyclists, please let us walkers know you’re behind us” (Aug. 27 Forum):

Best to remember greenway courtesy is a two-way street

Forum writer Harvey Barer, please warn your fellow greenway walkers to take at least one earbud from their ear to hear our warning. And don’t walk three or four abreast and scatter like geese if you hear our warning – move to the right.

And no texting while walking. And keep dogs on your right on a short leash, not stretched across the pavement!

And, we need more greenways for cyclists and walkers!

Dennis Jones