Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “How old is too old for judges?” (Aug. 28 Editorial):

Eliminate judicial popularity contest

If we are going to ask the folks in Raleigh to fiddle with the retirement age for judges – as they should – let’s get them to get serious about this business of our electing judges, as they really should.

Ask anyone familiar with our court system and most will agree that our present popularity contest needs some major fiddling.

Ted Lucas


In response to “CMS tries grading system change” (Aug. 25):

Nothing wrong with retesting; helps kids master material

To those upset with the new Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools grading system, I ask: How many times can you take a driver’s test? Or a law exam?

There are plenty of one-time tests to take at the end of the semester. The point is to master the material before the learner gets to the end.

To understand further read Rick Wormeli’s “Fair Isn’t Always Equal.”

Way to go CMS for recognizing grading theory as it applies to learning.

Karen Haag


In response to “Release of school vouchers sought” (Aug. 27):

I blame Tillis, Berger for turmoil public schools face

I read with interest the comments from House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate leader Phil Berger that because of Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood’s ruling that 1,878 children were “in turmoil.”

I say to Mr. Tillis and Mr. Berger, how many thousands of public school children are “in turmoil” because of you and your legislative fraternity brothers are constantly balancing the state budget at the expense of public education?

Ken Hayes


In response to “Vouchers no different from welfare or food stamps” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Big difference between private school vouchers, welfare

Forum writer Bonner Mills asks how accepting a private school voucher differs from accepting welfare or food stamps. Here’s the difference: Food and shelter are required in order for a person to live. Private schools are not.

Carl King


In response to “Wonder what could have been if Obama hadn’t been targeted” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Race isn’t reason enough to support Obama; I need more

Forum writer Rudy Abrams suggests that all who oppose Obama are liars if they say race has nothing to do with it.

Does he feel voters should support a person they consider a poor leader because of race? To me, that would be racist.

If Mr. Abrams has such issues with “these people” down South perhaps he should hop on I-77, head north, and join “those people.” Anger should never overpower rationality.

Larry A. Singer


In response to “Immigration shaping up as leading election issue” (Aug. 25):

Push to end DACA won’t fix broken immigration system

As a Peace Corps volunteer, I saw the poverty and crime children in Honduras are fleeing.

That’s why it’s deplorable to see our politicians treating refugee children as criminals and attempting to deport them without due process.

This, along with the vote to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, does nothing to mitigate the border crisis or fix our broken immigration system.

I urge our elected officials to work together for comprehensive immigration reform now.

Blair Wrangham


A lot of good to celebrate at West Charlotte High School

As a parent of a Butler High football player, I attended the Aug. 22 game at West Charlotte.

Friends said “You’d better be careful over there. West Charlotte is in a rough part of town.”

Here’s what I experienced: extremely friendly people; a well-manicured football field; awesome food (they had ribs!); a gritty, determined team; and an announcer whose professional and even-handed play calling had everybody asking “Who is that guy?”

Even after a tough loss, the team and fans showed great sportsmanship.

If you haven’t been to West Charlotte lately, go. There’s a lot to be proud of there.

John F. Higdon