Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Stop putting needs of big corporations first

Labor Day is about recognizing the hard work that America’s men and women put in every year to grow our economy.

But for thousands of Americans, having a well-paying job has been jeopardized by trade agreements that put the wants of big corporations above the needs of working families.

This Labor Day, it is time for Congress to put the needs of America’s working families first. Congress should ensure any trade deals work for workers, not just global corporations.

That includes the new Trans Pacific Partnership, and it includes my congressman, Patrick McHenry.

Heather Benfield


In N.C., hard-working minimum wage workers like me struggling to survive

The minimum wage for tipped employees is far too low for a livable wage.

As a professional waiter, I’ve been making a $2.13 wage for years, yet have seen my purchasing power decline as prices and taxes continue to increase.

I understand that my tips are commensurate with sales, yet I have seen tips on these sales drop in a tight economy.

With gas prices, food and housing going up all the time, it is getting harder to meet family finances on this wage.

It is time for North Carolina to join many other states and raise the minimum wage for all workers.

Chuck deGraffenreid


In response to “Don’t re-elect those who cut tax credits for working poor” (Aug. 13 Forum):

Too few people paying taxes; time

to overhaul tax credit program

I’m all for lightening people’s tax burdens, but the Earned Income Tax Credit program is clearly a program in need of major reform.

One of our biggest problems as a nation is that we have far too many takers as evidenced by the approximately 47 percent of our adult population paying no federal income tax.

Until one actually has skin in the game, then there is no incentive for our government to limit its out of control spending.

Robert E. Cassell Jr.


In response to “Wonder what could have been if Obama hadn’t been targeted” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Obama is the one who’s playing the race card; he won’t compromise

Compromise goes both ways. President Obama has effectively told Republicans they can sit in the back of the bus, and it is his way or the highway.

He is not following the Constitution because he knows Republicans will not impeach him because he is the first black president.

If Republicans did push to impeach Obama, he and all Democrats would cry racism.

Larry Gregory


In response to Fannie Flono’s “Ruth Gaddy: Pioneer, patriot” (Aug. 29 Opinion):

Story of Ruth Gaddy’s patriotism, military service truly inspiring

What a great story about dear Ruth Gaddy; I wish I had known her. She volunteered for quite an adventure, one I had never heard of. Thank you, Fannie Flono, for this bittersweet success story.

Mary Lynne Huggins


In response to “Best to remember greenway courtesy is a two-way street” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Too many area cyclists act like public greenways belong to them alone

If Forum writer Dennis Jones gives pedestrians on greenways a “heads up,” he is one in a million.

I have run in McAlpine Creek Park for over 34 years. I have been hit twice and almost run down countless times without warning. I am usually by myself and don’t own earbuds.

I’m willing to share, but cyclists need to recognize the danger of speeding up on us without warning.

Ed King


Time for a truce on the greenways; let’s all be considerate of others

In responding to my letter regarding unsafe conduct by some bicyclists using the Four Mile Creek Greenway, Forum writer Dennis Jones complained about inconsiderate behavior of some walkers and their pets. He is absolutely correct.

Rather than foster a turf war between bikers and walkers – shades of the Hatfields and McCoys – let all those who use that wonderful facility commit to be aware and considerate of others.

Truce. Peace.

Harvey S. Barer