Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Audit: Airport oversight lax” (Aug. 28):

It’s time to honor Jerry Orr; airport audit confirmed it

The City should show its overdue appreciation to Jerry Orr by naming him honorary Airport Manager Emeritus and assigning him to work for one year alongside the current manager.

It’s sad that Jerry is being blamed for airport shortcomings by the city manager, who refuses to accept that Orr ran such an outstanding facility.

Let’s put this name-calling aside and do what Charlotte and the aviation public wants: Honor Jerry Orr.

Charles H. Thomas


City and County operations could benefit from an audit too

Now that we know there was no fraud or deliberate mismanagement at the airport, the effort to smear Jerry Orr has failed.

How about doing the same audit for the City and County. We know that many departments have had problems, but we don’t know how bad it is overall.

Anyone willing to bet that those results will come out looking as good?

Ed Garland


In response to “Airlines’ break pegged at $10M” (Aug. 27):

Claim about airline tax breaks disregards important facts

The writer is vice president of Airlines for America.

A recent study by Unite Here claiming North Carolina loses $10 million per year from airlines’ fuel tax “breaks” conveniently disregards the fact that airlines, their customers and employees already pay a staggering $52 million per day in federal taxes.

The majority of states do not rely on revenue from jet fuel taxes to fund their programs, and those that do would be in violation of FAA policy on revenue diversion unless the revenue is being used at airports within the state.

Commercial aviation, despite its enormous tax burden, helps drive nearly $1.5 trillion in U.S. economic activity and supports more than 11 million U.S. jobs.

Unite Here’s views do not represent some of the nation’s largest unions who oppose increased tax burdens on airlines and their employees.

John P. Heimlich

Washington, D.C.

In response to “Shooting by child stirs debate over guns” (Aug. 28):

Ridiculous to allow young children to shoot at range

Outings for a 9-year-old girl? How about roller-skating, bowling, visiting a museum, serving meals at a homeless shelter?

Those seem like much better ideas than shooting an automatic weapon.

How sad for the young girl, her parents, the victim – and how ridiculous and utterly irresponsible for the shooting range to allow 8 and 9 year olds to shoot a gun!

Barbara Ziegler


In response to “Voters won’t be fooled by Hagan’s political posturing” (Aug. 28 Forum):

GOP voted down veteran bill;

I expect the same from Tillis

Yes, Sen. Kay Hagan “dances” around our unpopular president; that’s politics.

But Hagan was a strong supporter of the landmark veterans bill that Republicans killed with 41 votes against it.

Seems the GOP is never worried about spending for war, just for the vets who bravely served.

Would Thom Tillis have voted against that bill? Hard to tell, he’s done some pretty fancy dancing around that one!

Make no mistake, Tillis is pure GOP, the party that cut VA spending after starting two unfunded wars and cried about the budget when it comes to taking care of our vets.

Kelly Stevens


In response to “Vouchers no different from welfare or food stamps” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Private school vouchers unnecessary, unconstitutional

There is a big difference between school vouchers, welfare and food stamps.

Our tax dollars are already providing an education for every child who is willing to take advantage of it.

Many private schools are church-affiliated, making vouchers unconstitutional.

Anyone can start a private school, with little to no oversight to tell us what our taxes are buying.

Jo Shaw


Hat’s off to the crew putting a new sewer line on my street

A new sewer line is being installed on our block and I’d like to commend the crew working on it.

Never have I seen a group of men work more diligently or efficiently! We can be proud and grateful that we have such dedicated men working on our behalf.

My “hardhat” is off to them!

Chilly Henderson