Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Hagan, Tillis clash in their opening debate” (Sept. 4):

Show some respect, Thom; don’t ignore senator’s title

Speaker Thom Tillis disrespected not just Sen. Kay Hagan but the office she holds by using her first name without regard to her office.

Due to his lack of respect, I am voting for Sen. Hagan.

We have way too much disrespect in the offices of Congress to let one more disrespectful member in.

Frank Piojda

Mount Pleasant, N.C.

So frustrated; didn’t get what I wanted from either candidate

Kay and Thom,

Answer the damn question.

Mark Ahlstrom


Bickering, personal attacks

by Hagan, Tillis must end

Wednesday night’s debate was a waste of TV time and my time. The constant personal attacks, back and forth, did nothing to cause me to vote for either one of them!

This bickering and attacking is what’s wrong in our government.

Ruth Finley


Tillis is my pick; Hagan gets

an ‘F’ on immigration issues

Sen. Kay Hagan, a Washington insider, has done little for North Carolina.

She has achieved a grade of “F” or “F-” from NumbersUSA, an immigration reduction advocacy group, by refusing to support legislation that would reduce: chain migration, unnecessary foreign workers, refugee and asylum fraud, amnesty enticement, anchor baby citizenship, illegal immigration, and illegal jobs.

Thom Tillis has attempted to balance the state budget and supports “balance the national budget legislation,” a measure which is desperately needed.

Frank Harrington


Have to wonder if those giving to Obama read the newspaper

The president’s ratings keep dropping. His latest statements to donor groups are unsettling and show a detachment to world events which are sure to make history books.

The question which needs to be answered is: Do his donors read the news?

Tony Capranica

Stanley, N.C.

Takes time to develop a wise strategy; I’m OK with that

The debate over president Obama’s “no strategy” comment reminds me of the advice I give my children:

It’s better to not know the answer and be willing to find out, than to be confident in one’s knowledge and ignore all evidence to the contrary.

We are still paying for the bad strategies of previous presidents. President Obama, please take your time.

Roger Kitzmiller


In response to “Education must adapt to change” (Sept. 4 Viewpoint):

I’ll take inspiring teachers

over shiny computer hardware

Former Gov. Bev Perdue claims that her venture, DigiLEARN, is about challenging the status quo by “providing an education that will mirror a student’s real-world experience” of rapid technological change.

But those 3-D printers and virtual-reality environments she lauds as the foundations of future jobs were invented by bright men and women who were inspired not by iPads, but by caring human teachers and mentors.

Changing the “platform” to include shiny new hardware won’t necessarily accomplish anything, apart from enriching the companies that sell it. That is the real status quo.

Gregory Starrett


Higher minimum wage doesn’t bring better standard of living

Since 1938 the minimum wage has been increased 23 times in an effort to assist the poor in rising above the poverty level.

After 23 increases we still have the poor.

When you raise the minimum wage for low-skilled workers, skilled workers can demand higher wages. Very shortly everybody is making more per hour and the cost of goods and services goes up.

If you want to raise your standard of living you have to increase your skills to be paid more.

John A. Scism

Bennettsville, S.C.

My complaint was lost in the weeds until Barnes stepped up

I’ve been trying to get the tall grass and weeds along South Tryon Street cut since March.

It’s not the City of Charlotte’s responsibility, but the state’s.

Tuesday I emailed several City leaders. Charlotte City Council member Michael Barnes stepped up, took ownership and got ’er done. Thank you, Mr. Barnes, for all you do.

Joey Cortez