Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “N.C.’s $467 million problem” (Sept. 7):

Companies hire for value offered

The Observer’s hyperbolized headline story that this state is a “breeding ground for construction companies to break rules” should have been a charge to Congress to more closely address the issue of employee and independent contractor status regulations already in place. Construction companies do what you and I do in choosing to hire or buy from those who offer value. Value keeps construction project costs lower and thus saves taxpayers money, the opposite of the article’s conclusion!

Eddie Goodall


Hiring illegal immigrants, other practices hurt U.S. workers

Thank God someone has finally brought this to the forefront. Because of the illegal hiring practices of some companies and the willingness of the general public to hire independent contractors who are here illegally, my pay has been cut in half or more. It’s time to take back our country and send these people back to their respective countries.

Bill Moss


In response to “Fast-food workers join national strike” (Sept. 5):

Dissatisfied with low wage job? Quit, find another

I have some advice for those who work in fast-food restaurants and other low-paying jobs and are complaining that they are not receiving a “living wage.” Quit and go to work for an employer who will pay you more. If after several attempts you are unsuccessful, it probably suggests that you were being paid a fair wage.

The bottom line is that, in most cases, you will be paid a wage that is commensurate with your education, experience and skills and it’s not the employer’s fault if you don’t possess these qualifications. An employer is in business to remain competitive and make a profit.

John S Perugini


Workers should give more service if they want more pay

I don’t begrudge fast-food workers, or any other hourly wage person, who want more pay. What I do fault is the mindset of individuals who expect to be paid more without providing one iota of added service.

Brooke S. Dickson


In response to “The U.S. needs a mighty military” (Sept. 7 Viewpoint):

Romney’s words ring hollow given lack of military service

I could give Mitt Romney more credence if he, or any of his five healthy sons, had volunteered their services to our country. It seems his sons were “serving their country” by attending fund-raising events for his presidential bids. Like many other war hawks Romney wants other folks sons and daughters to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Roy Courtney


In response to “How can U.S. avoid years of war?” (Sept. 7):

Obama administration is obstacle to getting job done

When are the John Kerry folks going to get the hell out of the way and let the military do its job?

John L. Barker


In response to “Observer to avoid using D.C. NFL team's name” (Sept. 6):

Observer is just being PC about team’s nickname

It comes as no surprise that the Observer hopped on the political correct bandwagon and will no longer use that terrible word “Redskins.” It would come as no surprise that “American as Apple Pie” would soon be a target. It must offend someone. When will this assault on common sense end?

Bill Wallace


In response to “Weak, detached president can't commit to defeating ISIS” (Sept. 7 Forum):

I’ll take Obama’s caution on Iraq over Bush’s blundering

Keith T. Brittain’s obvious contempt for President Obama’s caution concerning re-invading Iraq cannot come close to matching my contempt for President Bush’s trumped-up blundering into Iraq in the first place.

Tough talk from conservatives is usually just that.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill, S.C.