Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Fix road to prevent another death

Early Monday a preventable tragedy occurred off Independence Boulevard at Fugate Avenue. An SUV smashed into a young mother of two, killing her. She was a neighbor.

Fugate is often used as a shortcut between Independence Boulevard and Monroe Road. Neighbors frequently see vehicles dashing around our roads.

This road must be closed off. It has major design and engineering flaws, and the lack of a barrier, median, or complete cutoff, was a major factor in Monday’s carnage.

With proper City planning and construction, a repeat of Monday’s tragedy need never happen again.

Alexander W. Bumgardner


In response to “CMS crossing guards hit with hefty hourly pay cut” (Sept. 7):

School crossing guards lose out, but I bet CEO won’t

Is Parking Unlimited taking a comparable reduction in executive compensation or company earnings to match the CMS crossing guards?

It is time to ask this question each time a company decides to reduce the wages of working people. I suspect Parking Unlimited CEO Bill Dillard has not reduced his compensation by one-third.

George Szalony


In response to O-pinion: “Paper carriers’ status” (Sept. 9 Editorial board’s blog):

Time Observer began treating carriers as employees

The Observer’s defense of treating its paper carriers as independent contractors is correct. That classification accords with current N.C. law, but it begs the real question: Is it the right thing to do?

The Observer has often taken stands against bad laws and argued persuasively those laws should be changed.

Maybe it’s time the paper not only make a case to treat carriers as employees, but also begin doing so.

John H. Clark


Absurd to think NFL unaware of what happened in elevator

I understand that the video triggered the NFL to suspend Ray Rice. However, prior to the release of the video, what did the NFL think caused her unconsciousness?

Richard Dale


Fed up with pro football’s unsportsmanlike conduct

In the news this week: A local pro football player’s career is in jeopardy after he’s convicted of assaulting his girlfriend; another pro player punched and knocked out his then-fiancee; another shoved a marching band member; another kicked a punter in the face.

We took instrumental music out of our elementary schools, yet continue to support and promote football. What does this say about Charlotteans’ values?

The next time a pro sport threatens to leave Charlotte, please, just let them go.

Dennis Spring


In response to “Why we won’t use ‘Redskins’ ” (Sept. 9 Editorial):

A name is only disparaging

if you allow it to be

By the Observer’s logic isn’t it also disparaging to refer to a team as the Fighting Irish?

Vikings were known to pillage other villages, killing men and raping women. I don’t see the Observer clamoring to change the Minnesota team’s name.

Christopher Lee


Media is driving the push to get rid of Redskins name

The Observer has joined the mass media in deciding to make news instead of report it.

According to a 2004 National Annenberg Election Survey, over 90 percent of Native Americans polled had no problem with the Redskins name, but the liberal media does! Is there something wrong with this picture?

Screw political correctness and let’s just return to respecting each other!

Frank Jones


In response to “Companies hire for value offered” (Sept. 9 Forum):

‘Value’ doesn’t keep building costs down, save taxpayers

Those stingy crooks are cheating every American who pays taxes by forcing them to subsidize their employees, allowing them to live rich while their employees use food stamps and Medicaid to get by.

We pay for those subsidies and live in housing that likely won’t last much longer than our mortgages, except for continuous upgrades made after purchase.

L.B. Pope

Mint Hill