Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “I’m Lumbee and don’t mind ‘Redskins’” (Sept. 12 Forum):

I’m Lumbee and I do mind ‘Redskins’

With all due respect to my fellow Lumbee, Mr. Tracy Strickland, I must vehemently disagree with several of his assertions regarding the use of the term “redskin.” He and I come from the same Lumbee generation, and I absolutely resent being labeled a “redskin.” In fact, I will not stand by and allow someone to address me by that name without some type of swift response.

Secondly, I don’t know where he generated his 90 percent approval rating from American Indians for the “redskins” name, but this statistic has no basis in fact.

Ray Brayboy


Hardy gets paid while sitting? Give it to deserving charity

To not let Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy play Sunday was a wise choice. That he would still be paid $770,000 for that one game, though, is appalling. If this man has any dignity he will donate all that to charities – especially to women’s abuse centers. Do something positive.

Vicki Lyons


Peterson’s kid not the first to get working end of a switch

The details about Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will have to play out in court. However, the liberal media continues to use the verbiage of “tree branch” for a “switch” which, of course, are two different things. Growing up when I did, more than 80 percent of our parents and grandparents would be guilty of the same charges Peterson faces. Without a doubt the punishment contributed to overall learning respect and authority. A lot of today’s unruly kids could take a lesson from the “old school” way of doing things.

Floyd Prophet


Snowe’s GOP has gone missing but Glickman’s party hasn’t?

Congratulations to the Observer for organizing the symposium featuring Republican Olympia Snowe and Democrat Dan Glickman. You noted that Snowe was “a moderate Republican in a GOP that’s become increasingly conservative” while I saw no such description depicting Glickman and his party. Apparently, there is nothing wrong with his party and it doesn’t have any factions.

Perry Clark


In response to “I blame Harry Reid for gridlock and dysfunction in Congress” (Sept. 14 Forum):

Rep. Pittenger, what about immigration and the budget?

It is easy for U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger to blame Harry Reid for the gridlock in Washington while running in a safe district with no opponent. However, House Republicans are every bit as culpable. Two examples: the budget and comprehensive immigration reform. The Senate passed a bipartisan budget over a year ago, but Speaker John Boehner refuses to appoint a committee to resolve the differences. He also refuses to allow a vote on the Senate immigration bill because it would pass with a bipartisan majority but not a Republican one. If Mr. Pittenger wants to see the real face of gridlock, he should look in a mirror.

Dewey P. Rochester


In response to “Treasure teachers year round” (Sept. 14 Viewpoint):

Bump in pay not enough to teach some troubled students

Bill Anderson’s column was insightful, but there are other underlying causes besides compensation for the teacher exodus.

A majority of economically challenged students are below grade level. These students require more time and effort to teach, and no amount of money will keep a qualified teacher in these classrooms over a period of time. CMS has previously offered incentive pay of $10,000 a year for teachers to teach in high-poverty schools. There were few takers.

It was right for the legislature to increase teacher compensation incrementally, but that alone, with the known academic indicators, will not get the results the community demands.

Tom Davis