Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Moderates in Middle East must jump in; U.S. has done enough

Why is the Iraqi government and its large military – which had over $25 billion in U.S. taxpayers’ money invested in its revamping – unable to take care of a small force like ISIS?

Why is the U.S. jumping in instead of insisting the Iraqis man-up, or that an Islamic coalition of moderate states in the Middle East take care of “their problem”?

It’s time for the Islamic moderates in that region of the world to stand up!

Tom Caton


Romney, Cheney shout loudest, but never served in military

If I had so conspicuously evaded military service when it was my time to serve, as was the case with “MIP (Missing in Paris)” Romney and “Chicken” Cheney, I would keep my mouth shut before advocating sending others into harm’s way.

John Huson


In response to “Vikings bring back Peterson despite charge” (Sept. 16):

NFL player who disciplined son was being a father figure

As unpopular of a view as this may be, I commend Adrian Peterson for disciplining his son and being a father figure in his life. If I ever have kids, I will be as well.

Considering the complete erosion of discipline in our schools and communities, Mr. Peterson is an example of an imperfect person doing the best job he can raising his children.

I firmly believe “political correctness” has overstepped its bounds and it’s time we tame the ever-growing monster.

Trigg Cherry


Some in NFL nation letting money trump morals

It’s not OK to hit a child or a woman. What part of that does the NFL nation not understand?

What culture would tolerate the horrendous action Ray Rice exhibited in that elevator?

I’m so disappointed in Commissioner Roger Goodell, Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, and commentator Charles Barkley’s recent statements.

Maybe to them money trumps morals. News flash: I do not support thugs.

W. Randall Lemly


In response to Scott Fowler “Hardy should sit for one more game” (Sept. 16):

Hardy should remain on bench until appeal decision issued

Greg Hardy was convicted in a court of law. The Panthers should keep him on the bench until his appeal is concluded.

If he wins, play him. If he loses, can him.

And, whether Hardy’s girlfriend is a saint or not has absolutely nothing to do with the charges against him.

I’m still a Scott Fowler fan, but he dropped the ball on this one.

Morry Alter


Take it from a researcher, smoking ban will benefit all

Over a long career in cardiovascular research, I’ve learned a great deal about the terrible toll smoking can take on the body.

There is NO safe level of exposure. This is good reason to support proposed regulations Mecklenburg County is considering.

The first will make government grounds, including buildings, vehicles, and municipal parks, smoke-free. The second will get the toxic substance out of county-owned parks.

I’m quite passionate about this issue because smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in this country. Those who quit will be better off in many ways, as will those who are exposed to their second-hand smoke.

Sandra E. Burke


I’m trying to relax, and these TV attack ads aren’t helping

Did you hear the collective groan of the TV-watching public when we read that the Democrats are throwing more money into the Kay Hagan race?

When I first read that they had more to spend than Republicans, I didn’t realize I would be subjected to all their negative ads from May to November, but I sure have reached my limit. I don’t need mean-spirited attack ads while trying to relax.

I’m fed up, and it’s only September.

Jill Wagner


In response to “Hospital system slashing positions” (Sept. 10):

Trim more exec salaries, not jobs of those who heal us

Maybe Carolinas HealthCare System CEO Michael Tarwater should trim his and his cronies’ huge salaries to help solve this financial crisis.

While they take home millions of dollars from a supposedly “not for profit organization,” the people on the lower rungs of the organization suffer.

Let’s keep the hard workers we see at our bedside when we’re sick and do away with those who live in the ivory tower receiving exorbitant salaries.

John B. Hallman