Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “The ‘freedom’ to fire gay workers” (Sept. 17 Editorial):

Don’t run to government for help; seek jobs at gay-owned businesses

Fired from your job because you were gay? Don’t run to the government, depending on them to force your former employer to rehire you.

Surely you have more ability and ambition than that. Hit the pavement and seek work with a gay-owned or gay-friendly business – or start your own business. Pretty simple if you ask me.

The market always works things out. It’s that simple.

Stephen V. Gilmore


In response to “Seems gay community wants special consideration” (Sept. 19 Forum):

Rights of minorities must be protected, including LGBT community

In a country whose Supreme Court has confirmed 14 times that the right to marry is fundamental, but which does not guarantee that right for all its citizens, the LGBT community is of course a special group.

The founders of our country thankfully understood the natural rights of minorities in a democracy must be protected from the voting power of the majority. How sad that Forum writer Dick Meyer does not.

Kathleen Britton


In response to “1 killed in car wreck, fire near Mint Hill” (Sept. 18):

I’d pay more to have N.C. widen shoulders on its scary roads

Another casualty, so sad...

N.C. roads are simply inadequate. There is no room for error.

Shoulders and warning signs for curves are lacking.

Pedestrians must walk in the grass. Driving at night is scary.

If I lose concentration for one second, I will be off the road and in a ditch – if I am lucky. Many just die.

We need shoulders. I’ll pay more in taxes for better road safety.

Tom Housler


Stop wasting my tax dollars by repaving perfectly fine roads

If you want to see how the City of Charlotte wastes our tax dollars, just check out Barringer Road between Clanton and Pressley roads.

It has a sign that says “scheduled road resurfacing,” but there is not one pot hole or any uneven pavement. The road is in perfect condition.

I’m sure there are other roads that need attention more than this road.

Anthony Isenhour

Indian Trail

In response to “Symphony gets into the black” (Sept. 16):

I’d like to see even more innovations from Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

While I am happy with this nationwide movement to donate to orchestras – it is long overdue – I feel that more trial-and-error on the part of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra would cause these new innovations to be put forth much faster.

More of the government’s money should be given to orchestras and the arts. They are important to the culture of Charlotte, the U.S. and the world.

Daniel DeHority


Greed McColl mentioned applies in sports too; it’s creating moral decay

Only when players pocketbooks take a hit will they realize the moral, legal and true results of their own behavior.

Thursday, former Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl rightly blamed greed in the recent financial collapse.

When will we acknowledge that financial greed in sports is helping create moral decay, such as abuse, drug use and other illegalities?

Joe Sutterlin


In response to “I’m trying to relax, and these TV attack ads aren’t helping” (Sept. 17 Forum):

Don’t bother to listen to attack ads. That’s what the mute button is for

Why are some people bothering to watch, listen to, and read attack ads?

Don’t they have a mute button? Don’t they have a wastebasket?

Better yet, why don’t they watch non-commercial TV news like the NewsHour on PBS, which provides balanced programming about the candidates without the attacks and misleading information?

Works for us every time.

Nancy C. Bryant


In response to “Say goodbye to Flono” (Sept. 18):

I’m going to miss clarity, empathy Fannie brought to Opinion pages

Fannie Flono’s voice has many times been a call for clarity of thought and perceptive empathy.

Her voice will be missed. Thanks to her for her service, and best wishes in her next endeavors.

Ralph W. Milligan