Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Coliseum plan needs more time” (Sept. 25):

Don’t ignore red flags on Coliseum plan

Is there a bait-and-switch proposal the City won’t fall for?

GoodSports, which is having trouble getting funding in other venues – red flag – is going to lower its contribution to this project from $60 million to $39.7 million.

But the City naively hopes the complex, with lousy access on three sides, will bring more amateur sports tournaments to Charlotte.

And, just like with the streetcar project, everyone is going to wait around with their fingers crossed for the “benefit from the economic impact.”

My dad had a bumper sticker that said “Wouldn’t it be nice if stupidity were painful?”

Sydney A. Odell


In response to “CMS growth exceeds forecast” (Sept. 24):

Hard to budget when CMS must serve illegal immigrants

It is difficult, if not impossible, to adequately fund schools when there exists a component of the population which cannot be accounted for in a planned manner.

I doubt CMS would release the number, if they even know it, of students who are not legal residents of Mecklenburg.

How then do you plan funding when a significant portion of your population growth is permitted to remain here illegally, unidentified, and expecting these same services?

Richard Martin


A vote for Tillis could stop liberals, save our democracy

All the negative ads in the world will not erase the fact Kay Hagan voted to confirm the two most liberal justices in the Supreme Court’s history, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.

If Obama gets to appoint another justice and Hagan is re-elected, she will vote to make our court 5/4 liberal.

At that point you can say goodbye to our Constitution.

Clayton Loflin


Like the current gridlock in D.C.? Then elect Thom Tillis

Thom Tillis claims that if he’s elected he’ll stand up to President Obama.

We need a senator who will work with the executive branch to get things done. If elected, Tillis will work with the GOP to perpetuate gridlock.

Linda Lawyer


Inequality in N.C. road building and funding is alarming

While Raleigh continues to fund new roads in eastern N.C. with bonds paid for by all taxpayers, the Charlotte and Mooresville region is forced to improve badly over-loaded roads with tolls paid by locals.

Our local leaders must stand up to Raleigh and get equitable treatment.

We must place more emphasis on fixing our roads before we continue past practices that clearly favor the East.

Bill Nagel

Terrell, N.C.

In response to “Foxx: Solve airport control ‘mess’ locally” (Sept. 24):

GOP hypocritical when it comes to federal involvement

Since moving to the Charlotte area about a year ago, I’ve repeatedly heard Republicans complain that the federal government is too involved in local and state matters.

They claim everything from health care to education standards are best handled by local government.

It seems these politicians don’t want to hear from the federal government – unless there is a problem.

These Republican politicians should make up their minds.

George Mulley

Denver, N.C.

Obama takes Bush plan to new level: A war that won’t end

Just like his predecessor George W. Bush, President Obama continues to illegally attack countries and contribute to the cycle of violence and chaos.

When will our leaders learn that much of the violence and chaos in the Middle East is from what our very own hands have set forth?

Obama has taken the Bush doctrine to another level, and we are left with a war with no name and no end.

Jibril Hough