Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “I’m with those urging Kroger to not allow guns in stores” (Sept. 25 Forum):

Open carry is the law, bigger worry is concealed guns

Everyone gets upset about people having the ability under N.C. law to carry a weapon openly in a place of business, a park, or where it’s not restricted.

These are folks who are obeying the law. The real problem is the folks who do not obey the law and carry concealed guns without a permit.

Bill Lane


Obama making right move by taking it slow in Middle East

As a 26-year Navy chaplain retiree, and having served in Vietnam with Marines in combat, I applaud President Obama for not rushing into full out war with ISIS.

War is indeed hell.

About 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam. I witnessed too many of those deaths.

The United States and NATO must do what is right – and with international support.

Irvin Thompson


In response to “Bush got U.S. off to good start in Iraq; Obama ruined that” (Sept. 21 Forum):

U.S. reaping the whirlwind of Bush’s arrogant folly in Iraq

I can only guess that Forum writer Ed Mesko and I have been inhabiting parallel universes.

In my world, President George W. Bush rashly invaded Iraq based upon false premises and defiantly unrealistic expectations. Approximately 4,500 American soldiers and at least 115,000 Iraqi civilians were needlessly killed.

Conservative estimates indicate this arrogant folly will cost U.S. taxpayers $2 trillion.

To paraphrase the prophet Hosea, Messrs. Bush and Dick Cheney sowed the wind. We are all reaping the whirlwind.

Kevin Morris


Hey drivers - drop the biscuit and watch for stopped buses

Over the last few weeks I have witnessed cars going past stopped school buses that have stop signs extended and lights flashing. I know you need to devour your biscuit and finish your pressing phone call, but your egocentricity and lack of attention to those around you could devastate the life of a student, their family and even your own.

Whether the road is divided or not, please drop your bacon, egg and cheese and SLOW DOWN!

Liza Neerincx


Vote against Hagan to help end Reid’s ‘reign of terror’

Sen. Harry Reid has tabled nearly every piece of legislation sent to the Senate by the House. That is worthy of a recall, but it will not happen.

Sen. Kay Hagan was a “yes” vote more than 90 percent of the time with Harry Reid and President Obama.

She is as responsible for this nightmare we’re living as the present administration.

Please help end this reign of terror and vote Hagan out.

Tony Bonagura

Fort Mill, S.C.

GOP put up roadblocks that stopped Hagan from acting

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is running an ad which challenges the viewer to name a single piece of legislation written by Sen. Kay Hagan that was signed by the president.

Given that virtually no legislation written by Congressional Democrats can get past the Republican-controlled House, it’s ironic that “the party of no” is using their own do-nothing roadblock to suggest that Hagan has not done anything.

Arnie Grieves


Reduce immigration levels to slow U.S. population growth

Experts say the U.S. population will increase from the current level of 318 million to a billion people by 2100.

How can this nation with a billion people have a sustainable quality of life, with diminishing resources, reduced land for crops, etc.?

We must reduce immigration levels and formulate a plan to slow our population growth – and actually reduce it.

Bob Rudisill


In response to “Global march draws attention to climate change” (Sept. 21):

People can do more than march about climate change

While I wish I could have made it to the Climate Change march in New York, it is encouraging to see so many people from all across the country come out to draw attention to climate change.

The Clean Power Plan proposal by the EPA aims to reduce our carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030. Please take the next step and submit a public comment in favor of the Clean Power Plan!

Taylor Jones