Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

N.C. State fans reflect poorly on school

I am a Florida State alumnus and I respect the N.C. State football team immensely. They were outstanding on Saturday.

But the N.C. State crowd should be ashamed of itself. They booed every injured player that went down for FSU. Is this the kind of college that people want N.C. State to represent? I don’t think the college president would be too proud of the crowd’s reaction to injuries.

Robert Gordon


In response to “Don’t whitewash American history” (Sept. 28 Viewpoint):

Students who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it

Leonard Pitts is spot-on when he writes that history should present both the good and the bad. If we don’t teach the next generations the mistakes of the past, they are much more likely to repeat them. Acknowledging shortcomings is what lets us correct course and avoid making the same mistakes over and over. Ignoring bad behavior doesn’t make it go away.

Hank Durkin


Don’t whitewash, but don’t forget U.S. accomplishments

If teachers in Jefferson County, Colo., or anywhere else are blacking out chapters in our history books, by all means protest!

But should our teachers, leaders and media like Leonard Pitts continually drub these students with negativity and shame about our past historical mistakes? I don’t think so. What is wrong with leaving students positive and patriotic? We do have an awful lot to be proud of.

Dickie Benzie


Never thought I’d say it, but I agree with Obama for once

I applaud President Obama’s decision to avoid putting U.S. ground forces into action against ISIS. Until we have a Commander-in-Chief who actually wants to win the war, we should not uselessly endanger their lives.

Can you imagine what sort of rules of engagement they’d be saddled with under President Obama? It might go something like this: Before engaging any combatant, first confirm that he is the enemy. You can do this by smiling and waving to him; if he shoots at you he is probably upset. Politely invite him to surrender; should he decline you may fire three blank rounds in his general direction then again solicit his surrender. And so on. We really need someone out of the mold of an Eisenhower, Truman, or Reagan.

Ed Ramberger


In response to “Obama takes Bush plan to new level: A war that won’t end” (Sept. 26 Forum):

Endless jihadist retribution is OK, since ‘we started it’?

Forum writer Jibril Hough may recall that President Obama has bowed and apologized to foreign leaders in an effort to end “the cycle of violence and chaos.” How many more beheadings and how much more suffering must other innocents endure before Mr. Hough believes a response is “justified”?

Phil Clutts


In response to “Women deserve this recognition” (Sept. 28 Viewpoint):

National women’s museum should feature S.C. sisters

I hope Elizabeth Dole has read Sue Monk Kidd’s book “The Invention of Wings.” This best-seller introduces us to sisters from South Carolina who were leaders in the abolition movement but never mentioned in our history books. As we wait for the Senate to vote on the proposed National Women’s History Museum, I wonder how Kay Hagan or Thom Tillis would vote. I think I know.

Anita Pangle


In response to “3 firefighters who worked at ground zero die in 1 day” (Sept. 28):

Firefighter deaths are reminder that terror battle goes on

This should be a grim reminder that the effects of that horrendous terrorist attack of 13 years ago are ongoing. Extremist terrorism is a permanent part of our lives. Periodically a look into the recent past can help underline why American leadership is a necessity in this fight against extremist groups around the world today and in the future. If we don’t, it’s only a matter of time before the hideous and vicious acts of these barbarians will be happening in our own backyards routinely.

Allan Zastrow