Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “UNC scandal still not as bad as those at other football schools” (Oct. 28 Forum):

Cooperation, transparency were not in UNC game plan

Forum writer Frank Harrington misses the mark in his defense of the UNC academic and athletic scandal on two key points:

• Four years and numerous investigations to get to the bottom of this mess does not sound like full cooperation and transparency with the NCAA, which is on its second visit.

• Compared to “others,” UNC is not a successful big-time football program.

Rich Kelly


UNC must take the lead and other schools will follow

I’ve run the gamut of emotions as the depth of this scandal has been revealed. But I come back to where I’ve always been when it comes to UNC: I am still filled with pride and love for my school.

The haters will continue to hate, and the NCAA will do what it will do. However, let UNC set the precedent on how to emerge with its head held high and place academics as the No. 1 priority.

I believe other schools will follow our lead. Hark the Sound!

Susan Clay

Union Mills

In response to “GOP: Refusal to marry gays should be OK” (Oct. 25):

So who else will magistrates object to marrying?

So, Senate leader Phil Berger and 27 other GOP senators signed a letter requesting special – read: discriminatory – permission for county magistrates to deny same sex-couples their public service because of religious objections.

I wonder if their objection only applies to same-sex couples, or could it apply to couples of other religions, races, and other “objectionable” types, like divorcees?

Kelly Scherer


In response to “For U.S. Senate, disappointment vs. danger” (Oct. 26):

Endorsement of Hagan asks voter to ignore poor job

You describe Thom Tillis as being a decisive leader and firm in his beliefs.

But in spite of the fact that Tillis has excellent leadership skills and abilities, and Sen. Kay Hagan has little or none, she’s your choice because you disagree with Thom Tillis on almost everything.

Quite a ringing endorsement of both Kay Hagan and the editorial board of the Observer.

Ken Bodwell


In response to “Candidates’ differences clear” (Oct. 28):

Federal spending Coakley must address: money wasted on war

An estimated $4 trillion for the Iraq war... Vince Coakley’s party wasted lives and resources. If Coakley is elected, his party will need to cover our borders, not those in Saudi Arabia.

Lee Keene


That spelling bee political ad was the last straw for me

The advertisements from both parties have been excessively negative and numerous.

But for me it has reached a new low when one candidate’s supporters pose a young girl in a spelling bee and have her spell the president’s name in an attempt to smear the other candidate’s record. These tactics are inappropriate and totally uncalled for.

Tell me what you’ll do right, not what the other person has done wrong.

William Gay

Stanley, N.C.

Using CMS schools as polling sites poses a security threat

The writer is a Waddell Language Academy teacher.

We know that many parents are not allowed in schools, but teachers at my school will be on guard Tuesday because strangers will be walking through the school looking for restrooms and the voting site.

We have no extra staff to supervise the doors near the voting site and voting officials are in a closed room unable to see who comes and goes in our hallways, just steps from the gym and classrooms.

Although voters have always been polite, this seems to be a huge hole in the security plan.

Paige Bartholomew


Doesn’t take 2 parents to raise responsible, successful child

Forum writer Dick Meyer wrote “If two parents raise their children in a loving home...they have every chance in the world to be successful.” (“Children just need a loving home to succeed in life,” Oct. 21)

When my son was 6, his dad left us. I got very little child support. My son got love from me, aunts, uncles, grandparents.

We showed him responsibility. He married, had two fine children. He worked hard and was successful.

He accomplished all this by being raised in a loving home, by one parent. We’re proud of our accomplishments.

Jean Sloop