Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to For the Record “Do we really have clean, dependable water?” (Oct. 28 Opinion):

To protect water hit the ballot box

The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources has been reduced to an adjunct chamber of commerce more interested in job creation and customer service than protecting our environment, and our politicians are too busy serving themselves to serve us.

We have talked ourselves blue in the face at one hearing after another, but it takes two parties to have a discussion and our elected officials aren’t listening.

The only way to improve our environmental quality is to vote these clowns out of office.

Allen Hubbard


In response to Our View “For U.S. Senate, disappointment vs. danger” (Oct. 26 Editorial):

Voters shouldn’t let lies, promises trump bad results

Many have said not to trust big government promises. But many do, including the Observer editorial board.

They did not learn the results of the New Deal, the Great Society, Change We Can Believe In, shovel-ready jobs, or the stimulus plan.

If Democrats win in November, then promises – and lies – still trump bad results. But possibly, prayerfully, the voters will start dismantling the government plantation.

Ed Mesko


In response to “Officials quit over marriage rulings” (Oct. 26):

Magistrates must not prioritize Bible over duty to serve all

In a country that represents countless religions and demographics, the use of the Bible, or any single authority other than the Constitution, to make a decision pivotal to the life of another citizen is despicable.

It is the right of those magistrates to resign from their positions, but officials with similar power to change a life need to seriously contemplate their duties to the state and not let personal prejudices get in the way of what is right.

Jack Eiselt

Chapel Hill

Travel restrictions needed; no one can predict future of Ebola

Although it is true the Ebola virus is spread by contact with body fluids, it is equally true that it could mutate into a more dangerous airborne disease.

When this may occur certainly can’t be predicted by a politician. I for one would rather be safe than sorry, and want travel restrictions in place now.

Barry Marshall


Universities should not be recruiting farms for athletes

Any college or university that purports to be a top academic institution cannot act as a recruiting farm for hopeful professional athletes.

No students should ever be paid because of their athletic prowess. This leads to corruption and deceit, as we have sadly seen at UNC Chapel Hill.

I also find it outrageous that coaches often make five times as much as professors, sometimes even more than the university president. Brawn over brains. What a travesty!

Jean Boggs


UNC, others should create a legitimate Pro Sports major

Why not offer a “Pro Sports” major that would actually prepare student athletes for the many aspects of a career in professional sports?

Curriculum could include classes in personal finance, sports medicine, sports marketing, sports law, public speaking, ethics, leadership, social media etiquette, philanthropy, and interpersonal relationships.

Just think how much better prepared these athletes would be to be leaders and role models!

Cindi Glenn


In response to “Fans: Panthers Wi-Fi unreliable” (Oct. 22):

C’mon, put away those pacifiers and enjoy the game

I’ve attended NFL, MLB and NBA games since the early ’60s and the product out there was more than enough to capture my attention. It’s bad enough to be surrounded by commercials during a break in the action, but to also endure the fans needing to be wedded to their cell phones (pacifiers) throughout the game is nauseating.

Robert E. Cassell Jr.