Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Go vote! Create a better future for all

When I was 18 years old, I voted because it was a right hard-earned by civil rights activists, and it was the least I could do to thank them for their sacrifices.

Now more than 20 years older and a mom, voting has become one of the many things I do to protect my child and her generation from harm.

Laws and referendums, like labels on packaged food, need my careful review. Lawmakers and other elected officials should be vetted by me because their influence on my child is powerful and long-lasting.

If every parent votes by Nov. 4, we have a chance at creating a better county, city and state for our children and their children.

Danielle Hilton


Judges should be appointed not elected, even local ones

I don’t know how many feel as I do, but in my opinion electing judges is one of the worst ideas to ever come down the pike.

Judges should be appointed and go under an approval process exactly as federal judges do.

I go into the voting booth and refuse to name one. This is democracy at its worst.

Robert M. Prowler


In response to “Officials quit over marriage rulings” (Oct. 26):

All citizens must consider morality before duty

Marry whomever you want, but the idea that we should all submit our personal morality to serve the national will is deeply flawed.

If the authority says “kill” and my moral sense instructs me to be peaceful, which authority should I use to “make a decision pivotal to the life of another”?

John P. Cunnane


For magistrates, law comes before religious convictions

In his late 60s, my widowed father remarried a wonderful woman. Dad’s minister refused to perform the ceremony as Dad’s intended had religious convictions different from the minister’s.

Religious leaders have always had that option. Civil servants are a different story. If they cannot follow the law they should resign.

Walter Saville


City response to recent water failure was unacceptable

I have been a resident of this beautiful city for four weeks.

The city had a major water failure at 3 a.m. on Oct. 25. I live in the West Arrowood Road area and it was 22 hours before my water service was restored.

When I inquired why it was taking so long a city employee said they only have a skeleton crew on weekends.

This was a major failure. Walmart, Lowe’s, Publix, more than a dozen other businesses and thousands of residents were affected.

While I’m sure everyone is grateful for the hard work of a few, I’m equally positive everyone is appalled at this substandard response by the City of Charlotte.

Randal Phillips


Based on latest comments, Rice has lost all credibility

Unnamed senior White House officials were quoted this week in The Atlantic saying Bibi Netanyahu is a “coward” and a “chickens**t.”

This is the Obama administration’s latest display of disrespect for Israel – our ally in the Middle East.

Susan Rice lied about the attack in Beghazi being caused by a video. Now, amid the Atlantic allegations, she said Wednesday that the U.S./Israeli relationship is “fundamentally stronger in many respects than it’s ever been.”

Is she kidding? Rice has lost all credibility.

Joyce McLaren


In response to “GOP is standing in way of qualified Surgeon General” (Oct. 26 Forum):

Sen. Reid, not GOP, is stalling surgeon general appointment

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has refused for months to bring Surgeon General nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy up for a confirmation vote.

Sen. Reid fears enough Democratic defections from the controversial nominee to prevent his confirmation.

It is not the Republicans’ fault we have no Surgeon General to help deal with the Ebola situation. Sen. Reid is the one who is stalling the process.

Steven P. Nesbit