End a Cold War relic

From an editorial Thursday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The rout of the United States in the annual United Nations vote on sanctions against Cuba was worse this year than last. On Tuesday, a nonbinding resolution condemning the U.S. economic embargo passed, 188-2, in the 193-member organization.

There is good reason for the United States to change its policy toward Cuba now, after 55 years of attempted isolation, even apart from the pariah status it earns.

The policy hasn’t achieved its aim, toppling the Castro regime. Various U.S. elected officials, of both parties, had held out hope that the Castros would die or be overthrown, and that a regime less resistant to the United States would take its place.

Meanwhile, Cuba has moved away from rigid Marxism toward policies that have made life marginally easier for Cubans.

President Barack Obama is unlikely to change the approach to Cuba before the midterm election. Nonetheless, there is evidence that even in South Florida, the former stronghold of anti-Castro Cuban-Americans, opinion is moving away from America’s failed embargo.