Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “CMS chief Morrison resigns after 2 years” (Nov. 4):

Would be a travesty for CMS

to pass over Ann Clark again

I’ve watched Ann Clark’s career over the past 30 years. She is at work before most of us rise. She is at every meeting at night. She has worked her way through the system. No one knows CMS better than Ann Clark.

I can’t believe that we would pass this woman over or have her vie for a position with outsiders when we have our solution right here in our system and right before our eyes.

Ann Clark has earned this; let’s reward ourselves with her leadership.

Joy Greenwald


Athletic eligibility needs review by new superintendent

With the resignation of Heath Morrison, one of the first areas to investigate and make changes would be athletics.

A new system must be put in place to check eligibility in regards to grades and residency.

No one is being held accountable for upholding rules that CMS itself created.

What is CMS doing to continue former superintendent Peter Gorman’s Play Fair anti-cheating program that enforced attendance zones and better self-reporting?

Sue Brianna


In response to “Innovative solutions like tolls are needed to solve transportation issues” (Nov. 3 Forum):

Cintra contract for I-77 tolls

is not an ‘innovative solution’

The addition of another taxation system – HOT lanes – is not a viable transportation solution. It has failed miserably elsewhere.

And why would groups of citizens suspect malfeasance? One must question a $655 million contract, given to a single bidder, one that happens to be foreign firm with past bankruptcies.

There is another question to be asked: Why are those who support toll roads the same people who so strongly oppose a referendum regarding the best way to pay for needed infrastructure?

Bain Black


In response to “Straight-ticket voting had benefits” (Nov. 4 Forum):

More to voting than pulling one lever; do your homework

In Forum writer Elizabeth Burton’s words: “Voters who stay abreast of the issues should not be forced to ‘slog through the whole ballot’ to vote.”

Regardless of the voter’s political views, it is important to carefully consider the candidates for each office. Sometimes the candidate who has the most experience, or who is known as a conciliator, is from the other party.

Voting means more than just the ability to pull one lever.

Patricia Stephens


Problem solved; call them government sanctioned unions

Marriage has one Biblical definition and man, including Supreme Court Justices, cannot change that definition.

So why not eliminate the Biblically rooted conflict by simply referring to same-sex commitments as, for example, government sanctioned unions? Magistrates and others opposed to uniting same-sex couples could then officiate these government unions without violating their own religious beliefs.

Anything else constitutes government’s interference with the Bible, which fails to uphold one of our core foundational principles of separation of church and state.

Phillip Greene


In response to Kevin Siers’ Kay Hagan editorial cartoon (Nov. 4):

Observer wrong to publish Hagan cartoon on Election Day

The editorial reasoning behind the Election Day publication of a cartoon implying unethical, willful, and even illegal actions by a candidate’s family is hard to fathom.

Even assuming the cartoon fairly frames the issue, its timing allows no response or rebuttal to a narrative promulgated with great self-serving fervor by Kay Hagan’s opponent.

Perhaps tomorrow you can post a cartoon caricaturing the high-five frenzy that took place in Thom Tillis’ headquarters when staff members opened their newspapers and celebrated the fact that endorsement can never outweigh unsubstantiated sleazy innuendo.

Heather Stancil


Everyday Angels combats the negativism, lifts my spirits

My spirits are lifted by the Everyday Angels articles added to the Observer. We’ve been inundated with so much negativism recently.

I know about angels. I lost my husband recently, and my friends from Providence United Methodist Church, my boys and their families, new friends and long-time friends, and even my dentist and primary physician have swooped in to help fill the void I experience from his loss every single day.

Thank you for adding such versatility to your newspaper.

Eleanor Anderson