Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Duke Energy TV ads are just like deceptive political ones

I was very relieved when the Thom Tillis-Kay Hagan ads finally stopped with their nonsensical counter-facts, only to have Duke Energy coal ash ads replace them with their absurd claims accepting responsibility.

The currency of politics has long been deception and fabrication, and now Duke Energy has adopted the same impiety.

Clarke Harbold


In response to Our View “Hypocrisy on the environment” (Nov. 18 Editorial):

Keystone XL consigns U.S. to more of the same: dirty energy

This major pipeline project will commit us to many more years of dirty energy at higher prices.

The Canadians and the international market oil companies will benefit most.

This is our line in the tar sands – the dirtiest of oils that even Canada does not want within its borders!

Deb Arnason


In response to “Plan would link more trash to higher bill” (Nov. 18):

Take a step back on trash plan. It will only lead to more litter

What is the city of Charlotte thinking? Pay for trash?

The end result will be parking lots, streets, and parks filled with household trash.

Think again, folks. We have enough beer cans on our streets.

Gina Hubbard


Just another government scheme to raise my taxes

Toll roads, garbage cameras, and purchase special bags so those who use will pay their fair share?

With essential services such as these, fairness does not exist. That’s why we created taxes to begin with.

This is just another government scheme to raise taxes. I for one am not ready to pay a new fee for services I already pay for through taxes already collected.

If the city needs more revenue, then raise the taxes and stop trying to build another bloated program to grow and waste our money!

George Franklin

Mint Hill

In response to O-pinion blog “Snitch? Disturber? Why a commissioner is lashing out” (Nov. 19 Opinion):

George Dunlap needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat

Pat Cotham was right to get Harry Jones out of his position. But Pat could have used a different process.

As far as who should be chairperson of the current board, Pat received the most votes. George Dunlap needs to stop acting like a stomp-around-the-room spoiled brat.

The chairman and board members have been elected by the people and for the people of Mecklenburg, and we expect more professionalism.

Barbara Bell Kerr


In response to “ ‘Custom’ education conveys phony feel” (Nov. 19 Viewpoint):

Take the politics out of public schools, let them customize

When it comes to school choice, the vast majority of parents continue to choose traditional public schools instead of private, charter, home schools, etc.

While private and charter schools are selective on which students attend their schools, public schools teach all children.

But legislators continue to make it harder for public schools to provide the flexibility needed to teach a large and diverse student population.

Take the politics out and allow public schools to provide “custom” education.

Les Linthicum


In response to “Armed Palestinians kill 5 in attack on synagogue” (Nov. 19):

Stop being passive on Jerusalem, Mr. President!

President Obama must stop being a feather-weight contender in world affairs, afraid to say anything that might upset the applecart.

Instead, he must take a stand about the situation in Jerusalem.

He has no election to win. Make a statement against this and stand up!

Please, stand up and just do something in your last two years in office. Please, sir. You have nothing to lose.

Bill Jackson


In response to “Thanksgiving shopping: Disrespect or good service?” (Nov. 18 Opinion):

Give thanks for free enterprise; workers need the money

Op-ed writer Karen Scioscia seems to think she knows what the retail workers need.

Many need the extra hours and pay afforded by the free enterprise businesses.

Thank goodness for free enterprise.

Dave Cabaniss