Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Hotel shooting suspect no stranger to courtroom” (Nov. 18):

Justice system failed 13-year-old boy

So Randall Vater has felony convictions going back to 1989 and now is accused in the “accidental” shooting death of 13-year-old Nathan Clark as Clark was lying in the Raleigh hotel room next door to Vater’s.

This was no accident – 28 previous convictions and he’s out walking the streets?

Seems to me it’s the court system that should be on trial.

It is so sad to see a young boy’s life ended because the justice system is such a failure.

Ron Byar


In response to “Plan would link more trash to higher bill” (Nov. 18):

Quit whining, and go with system that uses special bags

I’ve lived in two towns in two states where residents were required to purchase special garbage bags.

If your garbage was in one of these bags it was picked up. If it was in an ordinary bag it was left at the curb.

This is not rocket science. The people of Charlotte are a bunch of whiners, and it’s only a matter of time before some clown refers to this pick-up system as a form of “bullying.”

Get a life!

Steve Kardisco


Give me a trash bin I can lock and I’ll agree to new plan

I can agree to pay for my garbage collection by the pound only if the city provides me with a locked bin that only the city trucks or I can open.

I refuse to pay for passersby who put their garbage in my bin late at night or when I am not at home.

I also think that paying for special bags is ridiculous. Hefty, Glad, and many no-name brands, make bags that are sufficiently strong for waste pickup.

Hall Turner Jr.


There are other ways to save money on trash collection

Why don’t we save money now by having all households put their garbage on one side of the street so that the trucks don’t have to double-back unnecessarily?

It would save gas, time, wear and tear on vehicles, and keep taxpayers from having to pay for a “special bag” just for garbage.

Marsha Gaspari


The term ‘toll lane’ is just a nicer way of saying tax lane

Governments have long used taxes as a way to modify behavior. For example, charging high taxes to discourage smoking and alcohol use.

The tax lane will have the same effect. It will discourage growth in Charlotte and move it to another part of North Carolina or across the border to South Carolina.

This will have a significant impact on Charlotte’s future growth.

It is what it is. How could we expect anything different?

Charles Karlow


In response to “Cotham’s bid creates tension in county” (Nov. 19):

I’ve seen these same childish games before from Dunlap

Kudos to Pat Cotham for taking the high road.

Mecklenburg voters spoke at the ballot box, but George Dunlap and others aren’t listening. No surprise there since he played his childish games when he was on the school board, too.

Instead of leading, which voters expect, he likes being in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Floyd Prophet


In response to “Same-sex marriage opponents slam Gov. McCrory” (Nov. 17 CharlotteObserver.com):

Conservative wrong to slam McCrory on same-sex marriage

As a student in middle school, you wind up seeing a whole lot of discrimination. Often the bullies harass homosexuals, simply because they are different.

It makes me sad to realize that this kind of thing happens in politics too.

Gov. Pat McCrory was using an open mind when he said he would accept the results of a federal court ruling striking down North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Instead, he gets fired upon by a prominent conservative for trying to “expand executive power.”

He wasn’t using some cheap tactic to expand his political abilities; he just said he would accept the court’s ruling.

Alex Read