Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Skip tolls, focus on sustainable instead

Why are we talking about spending millions to establish toll roads in our vicinity instead of looking to the future and applying that money to sustainable projects instead?

The I-77 money could be applied to a rail alternative. The Independence Boulevard bus lane could be expanded to create a faster and more convenient bus service into the city, with adequate parking provided for users.

What kind of backward thinking is driving our transportation planning?

Sally Thomas


In response to “Obama: ‘Come out of the shadows’ ” (Nov. 21):

GOP must do all in its power

to stop Obama on immigration

The GOP was voted back into the majority. The GOP warned the president not to use executive action on immigration reform, that they would work on it.

The president, who’s supposed to represent the will of the American people, decides he’s going to do what he pleases.

I hope the GOP does everything in its power to stop him.

These illegal immigrants broke the law; they are the ones breaking up their families. No free passes, no fines, just justice.

Shawn R. Jackson


Kudos to President Obama for executive order on immigration

It has been more than 500 days since a comprehensive bipartisan immigration bill passed the Senate – with 14 GOP “yeas” – but House Speaker John Boehner refused to bring it to a vote!

The fact is the GOP likes to criticize, obstruct and use long-festering issues to grandstand.

Thanks Obama for calling their impeachment/ lawsuit/shutdown bluff. Enough turkeys.

Chip Potts


In response to “Business leaders push for GOP restraint” (Nov. 20):

Restraint? That’s not what I want from GOP lawmakers

The overwhelming Republican victory in the 2014 elections should have told our leaders that compromise and restraint are not what the voters want.

We need elected officials who will stand up and be voices of reason against our current socialist president. Start with Obamacare and immigration. Make Obama be accountable for his actions.

It’s very simple: Vote the way you campaigned.

Trigg Cherry


In response to “Duke Energy TV ads just like deceptive political ones” (Nov. 20 Forum):

Duke Energy, not customers, should pay full cost of cleanup

Forum writer Clarke Harbold hit the nail squarely on the head. The TV commercials and videos on Duke Energy’s website are a perfect example of the double-speak that passes for corporate reality these days.

It is nothing but propaganda, and reminds one of the cigarette company executives stating before Congress that smoking does not cause cancer.

Duke has made millions in profit through the use of coal. It’s long past time that they – and not consumers – paid for the full cleanup.

Raymond Moore


In response to “Extent of military fraud troubles prosecutors” (Nov. 17):

With all we spend on wars, military fraud needs attention

While many men and women serve faithfully and honestly in the military, it has become a private country club for many who are not in harm’s way.

It is like a private club where members rub elbows and scratch each others backs with post-military jobs, military contracts for ex-military personnel, and bribes to continue to make gains both illegally and legally.

The Observer did print this story on page 14A, but should have put it in bold type on 1A.

Don Lane


In response to “It would be nice if we could just shut up and listen” (Nov. 16 For the Record):

Audiences ill-behaved at a variety of Charlotte venues

As someone who has been to many concerts in many cities in recent years, I can tell you that audience members who feel they must express every thought during a performance are out of control.

It’s rampant during movies and live theater too. I am embarrassed to say that Charlotte is hands down the worst I’ve seen.

People, I implore you: Have respect for performers and those around you who are there to fully enjoy the show.

John E. Howard