Where’s the money?

From an editorial Friday in the Winston-Salem Journal:

The GOP-dominated legislature spoke loud and clear in rejecting Common Core standards and establishing a commission to recommend a new curriculum. But well into its work, the commission has yet to be funded.

“This is our third meeting now and (the lack of budget) just sort of communicates to me that there’s very low expectations of this commission,” Tammy Covil, a commission member, told the Journal’s Arika Herron.

The legislature must finance this commission whose job is to rewrite math and English standards for the more than 1 million public school students in grades K-12. As Herron reported, “the bill that created the Academic Standards Review Commission … makes clear that the commission should have money to hire staff, conduct research and cover the expenses of its members who are tasked with driving to Raleigh for monthly meetings.”

“The original drafts of the bill that created the commission called for a $250,000 budget but that was deleted in the final negotiations between members of the N.C. House and Senate,” she reported. “Instead, the bill only says the commission will have a budget ‘to the extent that funds are available.’”

State Sen. Jerry Tillman, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, listened Monday as members discussed their budget concerns. “I heard it loud and clear,” he told the Journal.

Good. Now he should meet with his fellow legislators and get the money rolling.