Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Do politicians love kids?” (Nov. 21 Viewpoint):

More evidence that early intervention with poor children is a no-brainer

Here is yet more research supporting the earliest intervention for disadvantaged children: Kids who were visited once a week by a health aide who coached parents on doing more to engage their children “were less likely to commit violent crimes...stayed in school longer, and they earned 25 percent more as adults.”

What does it take for our county and state to take money-saving action even if they don’t feel one ounce of compassion for these children?

Money-saving and the right thing to do. Seems like a no-brainer!

Ellen Martin


In response to “Obama: ‘Come out of the shadows’ ” (Nov. 21) and related articles:

Obama immigration order a threat to our borders and national sovereignty

A country is only a “country” if it has borders, sovereignty and order. We have evidently lost all three.

My hat is off to the George Soros and the “Open Society” crowd. You win – and America is the prize.

Bill Wright


GOP antics may make great political theater but they hurt the nation

It is a shame that so much time is spent by Republican Party leaders staying on message that they fail to do what they where elected to do – the people’s business.

The nation and families continue to suffer, and a day of reckoning will come that may leave this nation mortally wounded in ways that will make recovery difficult.

When will the good of the country replace political theater?

Dr. Ricky A. Woods


Nation should not knuckle under to President Obama’s one-man rule

In 1776, our forefathers overthrew the monarchy that had been implemented by the British Empire. Independence was a reality.

A kingdom has been re-established under “Barack I” by a single stroke of his pen. We can restore democracy and the rule of law, or we can knuckle under to his one-man rule. Your choice.

Joe Biden looks more presidential every day.

Dick Napier


Where’s bipartisan push to crack down on employers who violate law?

What about businesses that willingly hire illegal immigrants, thereby gaining an unfair advantage over their competition through lower labor costs and less tax responsibilities?

President Obama made a passing reference to this in his recent speech. But where is the bipartisan effort to police businesses to curtail the demand for illegal labor?

Surely conservative Republicans would want to protect American citizens from such unfair competition and recover the lost revenue to help pay down the national debt.

Michael A. Clark


In response to “An imperfect step on immigration” (Nov. 21 In My Opinion):

On immigration, I have to wonder if Obama was acting from the heart

Peter St. Onge’s op-ed column did a good job describing the human side and the political side of the immigration gridlock.

It chided both President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner for failure in their political roles to follow the Constitution. What it missed was what is really causing the gridlock.

Obama’s actions will clearly influence the legal Hispanics vote. So, is Obama acting from the heart, as suggested by the editorial, or from a desire to change America to his liking?

Jim Cotton


In response to “Grocer urged to ban ‘open carry’ of guns” (Nov. 21):

Glad Harris Teeter’s parent company

is standing its ground on gun laws

Thank you Harris Teeter and Kroger for standing up to Moms Demand Action.

I’m a Charlotte native who has shopped at Harris Teeter for many years and even worked there as a teenager. I have never seen anyone caring a firearm of any kind in one of their stores.

I am glad Kroger/Harris Teeter is standing its ground to obey the gun laws and not giving in to this bunch of radical gun control proponents.

We have strong gun laws in North Carolina, and I do believe in them.

Clinton C. Pressley

Mint Hill

In response to “Plan would link more trash to higher bill” (Nov. 18):

Cost of cleaning up litter will rise under city’s ‘pay as you throw’ plan

Common sense leads me to believe that a trash collection fee based upon purchased bags would only cause more waste to be dumped illegally.

These bag charges might increase the revenue collected by the City, but the new plan would definitely increase the cost of roadside litter cleanup.

Jeffrey Beck