Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Graham: Benghazi report is ‘garbage’ ” (Nov. 24):

Time to move on from Benghazi

With seven congressional panels having investigated the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack, S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham is looking forward to chairing the eighth panel to investigate it again.

Several Republican members of Congress have suggested the Benghazi debate must end, and it’s now time to move beyond it.

Unfortunately, this is another example of how our present Congress continues to get nothing done for the American public.

We deserve better, Sen. Graham.

Paul Korry

Fort Mill, S.C.

In response to “Obstructionist tactics are sealing Republican Party’s fate” (Nov. 25 Forum):

From the looks of last election, demise isn’t in GOP’s future

Forum writer Jon Schuller forecasts, with certainty, the demise of the GOP by 2016 – only moments after its delivery of a sound thrashing to the Democratic Party.

Is that what it means to be “whistling past the graveyard”?

Thomas F. Cochran Sr.


In response to “Panel will examine how to lift poor” (Nov. 24):

Glad to see city, county heed this wake-up call on poverty

I am glad to see our community addressing the study that named Charlotte as one of the hardest places in our country to climb out of poverty.

This study should be a wake-up call to all.

It is also a great opportunity for the county and city to work together, as health and human service issues are directly impacted by infrastructure and housing.

The county and city have each started initiatives around this issue; let’s bring them together, and include business, nonprofits, and Mecklenburg’s six towns as well.

Jennifer Roberts


In response to “Garbage proposal raises questions” (Nov. 24):

‘Pay-as-you-throw’ is rubbish, and I’ll just work around it

Imposing this new “pay-as-you-throw” fee is just rubbish.

If the City does impose it, I will simply dispose of a bag every time I visit a park, attend a council meeting, go to the store, buy gas, etc. There are trash cans everywhere.

Or, maybe it’s time to demand to burn trash at home!

Patrick A. Walters


Poor communication on recycling put us in this fix

Why do city officials feel the need to punish us for what boils down to their poor communication on the pros and cons of recycling?

These officials are only setting themselves up for yet another waste-related debacle.

Recycling is not rocket science, and should be promoted as a simple citizen responsibility that’s not hard to do.

It’s all about education and people finally taking some pride in their planet – which is only so large with a shrinking land mass due to the needed landfills.

Mike Shinder


In response to “Grocer urged to ban ‘open carry’ of guns” (Nov. 21):

Guns carried openly in stores could be preventing robberies

When will the anti-gun folks get it? The people to be afraid of are the criminals with concealed guns. They’re the ones who are up to no good, not folks who obey the law.

I wonder how many times a person carrying a gun openly in a store has prevented a robbery?

Maybe more folks should carry guns openly to Harris Teeter.

Bill Lane


In response to “Jeb Bush’s new mission in the GOP” (Nov. 21 Viewpoint):

Stop trying to foist another Bush on Republicans like me

Op-ed columnist E.J. Dionne is just the latest in what I’m sure will be a long list of lefty pundits who’ll try to foist Jeb Bush on Republican voters.

This is how we got stuck with Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

There is no way another Bush would defeat potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and I think that would suit Mr. Dionne and his ilk just fine.

It is about time that we Republicans pick our own candidate this time around.

Richard Jerge

Mint Hill