Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “No indictment for Ferguson officer” (Nov. 25):

Race is core issue in Ferguson; we must not be blind to that

It is a crime in this country to be black.

My well-meaning white friends might be comfortable talking about events in Ferguson while ignoring race, but I guarantee that no African-American person is granted that privilege.

And that is, in the end, the issue that needs to be addressed.

Astra B. Czerny


Personal responsibility sorely lacking in today’s society

The best thing we can do to restore our society is to bring back personal responsibility.

As things stand now, nobody is responsible or accountable for anything. Things “just happen” to them. Everyone is a victim.

I wonder if things would improve if we forced ourselves to look at the part our choices and behavior played in putting us in our predicaments.

I wonder if there would be fewer young men killed unnecessarily. I wonder if sexual assaults on college campuses would decrease. I wonder if women would find themselves in healthier relationships. I wonder...

Catherine Stout

Indian Trail

In response to “4-year journey brings family to Charlotte” (Nov. 23 Community News):

Family’s happy tale illustrates broken immigration system

The writers are Charlotte School of Law professors.

How nice it was to read that a South African family fleeing violence was able to gain legal residency in the United States.

But what about all those seeking asylum from actual persecution in their home country who cannot afford to move their entire family to England for several years, hire expensive immigration attorneys, and purchase the North Carolina business of their choosing?

No doubt, our immigration system is broken, for the poor, but sold to the highest bidder for the affluent.

Jason Huber

Fernando Nunez


Today’s illegal ethnic minority might be tomorrow’s majority

I recently taught ESL for several months. My mostly “illegal” Central American students didn’t consider themselves illegal. These intelligent, skilled craftsmen believed they were reclaiming a land their families had occupied for 10,000 years.

They knew that in the near future, they would be the ethnic majority in the United States.

Those fighting so hard against equity and fairness in immigration should consider how future Americans will judge them.

Robert Maier


Mending broken VA should take priority over immigrants

President Obama has stated that giving a pathway to citizenship to the millions who entered this country illegally is a priority for him.

Apparently, veterans don’t occupy such a lofty status.

USA Today reports that 600,000 veterans wait one month or longer for appointments at VA hospitals and clinics.

Other than replacing former Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, the Obama administration has done little to correct this problem.

John N. Mangieri


Fair Tax an equitable option; should replace U.S. tax system

More and more people are unhappy with our federal government and the unfair taxes it imposes.

We the people need to have more control over our lives and how we fund the government.

The Fair Tax (www.fairtax.org) will eliminate all income tax and abolish the IRS. We will fund the government with a nationwide consumption tax, a truly equitable tax structure, and fair to everyone.

This Fair Tax bill is getting more support every day. The new Congress will certainly be seriously considering it. Readers need to be aware.

Edward C. Howard


In response to “Solar power backers: leave friendly N.C. laws alone” (Nov. 20):

Renewing solar incentives should be a no-brainer

Solar energy has the potential to create jobs and grow our economy, but many N.C. legislators do not seem to understand this simple, yet important fact.

The report Environment North Carolina released shows the untapped solar potential of North Carolina. Renewing the solar incentives already in place is a significant step legislators can make to take advantage of this potential.

An increase in solar energy will grow our economy by creating more jobs. Plus, it will slow our addiction to carbon-emitting fossil fuels which are causing climate change.

Reach out to local elected officials and tell them to support renewal of solar incentives.

Ryan Fleming