Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Time for DMV to enter 21st century

Watching grass grow is a faster process than getting your license, registration, plates and title in North Carolina.

If you work and want to get it during lunch, forget it, no chance. You have get your license at one location; plates, registration and title at another.

Software from this century allows you to get a license, registration, plates and title work all in one location – all printed while you wait

It cost me over $700 to put one 2013 vehicle on N.C. roads. These consumer taxes should be more than enough to update these systems.

Randal Phillips


In response to “Clark softens statement about CMS culture” (Nov. 25):

What really happened at CMS? I suggest a palace coup d’etat

Deputy Superintendent Ann Clark’s latest remarks seem to clarify the Heath Morrison/CMS debacle.

It was a “palace coup d’etat” led by general counsel George Battle and seriously abetted by Clark.

Reason? Morrison didn’t think Battle’s staff deserved a huge raise while his teachers got little or nothing.

Now Clark is softening her accusations about Morrison to curry favor with the board and public in hopes of finally getting the top job.

John Petrie

Fort Mill, S.C.

In response to “Checkers may get $4M to play at Bojangles’ ”(Nov. 25):

Yes, bring hockey back to where it started in Charlotte!

I was thrilled to learn that the Checkers have a desire to return to the Bojangles’ Coliseum.

As a senior citizen I would have no problem attending games alone, unlike attending games alone uptown at Time Warner Cable Arena where the Checkers now play.

Hockey games at the former Charlotte Coliseum are among my fondest childhood memories.

I implore all concerned to please make this move happen. That’s where hockey began in Charlotte and where it belongs!

Carol Shubkin


Don’t spend on hockey when there are greater priorities

My head is going to explode. On Dec. 8 Charlotte City Council is set to vote on whether to spend millions on Bojangles’ Coliseum for the Checkers.

If I have this all straight, we can afford the Hornets, Panthers, Knights and Checkers, but our school teachers are underpaid and we may soon be paying more for garbage pick-up.

Is there not a bean counter uptown who knows that “No” is a complete sentence?

Sydney A. Odell


Obama, his administration have lost all credibility

The harshest critic of President Obama is not the GOP, the conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, or the tea party.

His worst critic is reality.

The fact that the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and other stock prices keep rising is the troublesome part too, because it means the bubbles and Potemkin villages are getting bigger.

The erupting crisis in Ferguson is another sign that the Obama administration has lost all credibility.

Kenan Porobic


Sealing border is unrealistic, but go ahead, reveal your plan

People talk about sealing the border as if it’s the same as closing a Ziploc bag.

The border is 1,954 miles long, much of that consisting of inhabitable desert.

It costs $3 million to erect one mile of fence, which still doesn’t guarantee the desired result.

The number of Border Patrol agents is at an all time high, yet they can effectively control only a small percentage of the territory.

If you want the border sealed please tell us your affordable and realistic solution.

Arnie Grieves


Panthers always step up when it comes to supporting military

The writer is president of USO of North Carolina.

On Nov. 16 we celebrated the USO of North Carolina Salute to Service during the Carolina Panthers game.While this day of recognition was emotional and impactful for our troops, it is the Panthers and owner Jerry Richardson who deserve a sincere “thank you” for their ongoing commitment to honor military members who serve our country from N.C. and S.C. bases.

The Panthers, as well as Bank of America, serve as a shining example for all community organizations that want to help our military members.

John Falkenbury