Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Finding Heath Morrison’s heir” (Nov. 29 Our View):

The next critical move for CMS

At this time, the Board of Education should neither consider keeping interim superintendent Ann Clark nor starting a search.

Its first step should be to hire the seasoned accredited Human Resources director that it desperately needed the past two months.

Bolyn McClung


Read the immigration bill before criticizing the president

President Obama has taken a tough stand on border security. The ball on immigration reform has been in the GOP’s court for a while. In mid-2013, the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill with Obama’s blessing and sent it to the House. Republicans refused to act on it. Instead they attacked the president, spread misinformation and allowed a problem to fester.

The Senate bill provides for: 700 miles of fence along the Mexico border; guard towers, cameras and ground sensors; Blackhawks; 20,000 security personnel; tougher penalties, fees for legal status; sanctions against human trafficking; criminal deportation.

Read S744 online. Decide based on fact. Obama took a legal, well-trodden path.

Betty J. Welborn


Protesters called for change, but they need to change most

While I sincerely sympathize with Michael Brown’s parents for the loss of their child, it bothers me that in light of all the forensic evidence and witness accounts of what happened in Ferguson that day, the black community still blames the officer involved. And worse, the protesters decide to take to the streets and destroy property of others, and condone behavior, as supported by Mr. Brown’s father-in-law, who exclaimed “Burn this !$&@” down!”

Want change? Change your behavior!

Calvin Wright


In response to “Should city toss pay-as-you-throw?” (Nov. 28 Our View) and other articles:

A better way for Charlotte to encourage more recycling

The city could save a ton of money and minimize landfill use by simply alternating residential garbage pickup week with recyclables pickup week. Not having your garbage picked up but twice a month creates a strong incentive to segregate recyclables. It’s really not that hard, but those who won’t bother could be charged a hefty deterrent fee for an additional container.

Paul Hefferon


Here’s another: How about bonuses for good recycling?

Instead of making us buy special bags (really, what about poor people?) to throw our trash in, if the goal is to get us to increase our recycling, how about incentives to do that! Instead of weighing our garbage, our recycling could be weighed. Bonuses could be paid for recycling more and more and more.

Micki McDonough


In response to “Guns carried openly in stores could be preventing robberies” (Nov. 26 Forum):

I’d like to know how open carry really impacts crime

Bill Lane wonders “how many times a person carrying a gun openly in a store has prevented a robbery.” I wonder about that, too.

Perhaps someone can give us some examples of this. Not one or two random cases, but enough data to have statistical value. Then we can stop speculating about this. Because that’s all it is – speculation.

Carl King


In response to “Sails to soar at I-77 interchange” (Nov. 28):

Do we really want more driver distractions at the lake?

Bill Russell and the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce think it would be just terrific if the new “sculpture” at Exit 28 “slows down I-77 traffic as motorists gawk at the bridge.” Traffic is already so congested there, especially at rush hour, that I do everything I can to avoid both Exit 28 and Exit 25.

Usually there is no apparent reason for the traffic jams other than people possibly slowing to look at the lake. Once you pass that, traffic begins to move again. We don’t need any other distractions!

Melissa Mason