Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Fuller appeals for unity after re-election as chair” (Dec. 2):

If Fuller wanted unity, he should’ve supported Cotham

I am a conservative with no dog in the fight, but think Pat Cotham was treated unfairly.

Trevor Fuller did not win one single precinct, while Ms. Cotham received much support from every precinct.

I am sure if the two roles were reversed, there would be outrage. Instead I read a quote from one commissioner comparing Charlotte to Ferguson.

We may have a way to go and need to work together, but comments like that caused divisiveness not unity.

Mike Van Glish


Looting and arson do nothing to advance racial justice

The continuing media coverage of the incident in Ferguson might lead one to believe that white police officers were the only bad guys involved.

But I don’t recall having seen any of those officers participating in the looting and arson that ensued.

So while I am mystified regarding how those activities contributed to the cause of racial justice, the videos shown from the convenience store that Michael Brown visited and those showing the subsequent looting and arson after his death clearly identify who the thugs, thieves and arsonists really were.

Ken Hanson


In response to “Rams face no penalty for Ferguson gesture” (Dec. 2):

Rams’ players should’ve been disciplined for public display

I am outraged that five St. Louis Rams players were allowed to “demonstrate” their support for Michael Brown at the start of Sunday’s game – and on national television.

This is a tragic situation for the Brown family, as well as Officer Darren Wilson, and the stand that these players took was viewed by many as a stand in support of the violence and looting in Ferguson – and not a stand against the violence as the players have suggested.

Kim T. Martin


In response to “Who has long-term ISIS solution? Apparently no one” (Nov. 30 Viewpoint):

U.S. should focus on defending homeland, not Middle East

Columnist Trudy Rubin concludes that the rise of ISIS is the joint fault of Democrats and Republicans.

The success of ISIS is more the fault of Bashar Assad’s Alawite regime in Syria and Nouri al-Maliki’s Shiite regime in Iraq than of anything America has done.

Until Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, which are directly threatened by ISIS, are willing to step up and confront it, we should concentrate on defending the homeland rather than fighting their fight.

Our principal concern should be, not the Middle East, but Cold War II.

Doug Burns


In response to “Obama daughters’ scolder is from N.C.” (Dec. 2):

Obamas are a fine family; like him or not, show some respect

Even though I may not agree with all of President Obama’s policies and techniques, there is no reason to criticize him and his family.

They seem a cohesive, happy unit and we all could learn from the way they interact together.

Let’s have some respect for the president as our leader and a fine family man.

Lyn Moore


In response to “Sane, moral route would be single-payer health care” (Nov. 25 Forum):

One-size-fits-all single payer health care system a bad idea

Forum writer John H. Clark’s advocacy for a single-payer health care system suggests he must not have heard of the Veterans Affairs scandal.

A true free-market plan would have competition for consumers the same way we currently have for hamburgers, electronics, and a host of other consumer goods.

The left’s fantasy of one-size-fits-all single-payer health care has proven itself to be a bad idea all over the world.

Ben Fletcher


In response to “Visitor center at new site” (Dec. 2):

Sure hope more folks like me ‘happen upon’ visitor center

Like Visitor Info Center volunteer Genie Hufham, I’m sorry to see the center move from its old location.

My husband and I are among those who “happen(ed) upon the center by chance while walking through uptown.”

That was in March of last year, when we first explored the possibility of moving here.

Genie’s gracious welcome and practical help contributed to our almost immediate decision that the Queen City was the place for us.

Thanks again, Genie! I hope future visitors easily “happen upon” you in the new location.

Mary W. Cox