Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Hagan chose to run negative campaign

I am a staunch Democrat and voted for Sen. Kay Hagan. But I am astounded by her comments blaming the president for her loss to Thom Tillis. (“Hagan faults Obama in defeat,” Dec. 4)

She elected to run a negative campaign rather than highlight the economy, funding for veterans, student loans, and domestic energy production.

It says volumes when she is willing to blame Obama rather than take responsibility for her own campaign.

N.C. Democrats have the votes, but need a strong leader willing to stand up and own his/her positions.

Linda Peak


Healthy economy? Sen. Hagan is oh so wrong about that

I could hardly read the article about Kay Hagan claiming her loss is due to Obama not touting an improved economy.

Is she serious? An $18 trillion debt is an improved economy? Any improvements she thinks she sees are a mere Band-Aid on a gaping wound.

Lynn Hinson


Obama has much to brag about, but message thwarted

Sen. Hagan is spot on. President Obama has done a poor job of communicating the positives.

The U.S. auto industry was saved, over 200,000 jobs have been created each month over the past 12 months, and the stock market is at record highs.

Unfortunately most people are unaware of these accomplishments. They are constantly bombarded with criticism and non-facts from folks who don’t want a federal government and from people who personally benefit from that.

Bill Herring


In response to “NYPD officer cleared in man’s chokehold death” (Dec. 4):

Officer in chokehold case should have been indicted

With the non-indictment of the police officer in the death of Eric Garner in New York, it has become painfully obvious that murder by police is now OK!

The American people should be shocked by this travesty of justice, and not be surprised when the citizenry of this country rises up and fights back!

Doug Samut


Wrong to paint all officers as killers of young black men

In the ’60s and ’70s protesters and demonstrators shamefully labeled all returning Vietnam vets as “baby killers.”

Today, protesters and demonstrators are shamefully labeling all police as killers of young black men. It was wrong and despicable then, and it is wrong and despicable now.

Earl Carver


Clark doesn’t deserve top spot at CMS; she failed Harding

Several recent pieces have stated that it’s time to give Ann Clark a turn at CMS superintendent. I disagree, explicitly.

Rewind to 2006 when Clark, then area superintendent for Harding University High, helped introduce the dismantling of the single best option for African-American kids who, because of district lines, had no access to IB programs at their assigned home school.

Harding parents had to fight for qualified teachers and leadership, rigorous academic standards, and a safe environment for their children.

Clark’s “turn”? What say ye of Harding today?

Renard Burris


Meck needs what Cotham and Fuller both have to offer

Pat Cotham might want to consider that Trevor Fuller may have won because he has demonstrated the ability to be a calming force and run a fair and efficient meeting.

Perhaps Cotham’s role is one of “mover and shaker.” She has the ability to upset the status quo, build coalitions across party lines, and work toward a goal that may be unpopular politically but much needed in the community.

The county board needs both styles. Complement each other and get the tough work done!

Deb Park


GOP needs fire-in-the-belly candidate, not an old-timer

As Republicans begin to look at their 2016 presidential candidates, don’t give us old dried up prunes like Bob Dole and John McCain.

We need young, articulate, fire-in-the-belly candidates, such as Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. South Carolina’s Nikki Haley and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem would also be great choices.

Republican voters need a non-compromising spring chicken with a loud cluck.

Jim Cherry