Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Common Core doesn’t add up, dump it

Common Core math: 4(30) + 4(8) = 120 + 32 = 152

Traditional math: 4 x 38 = 152

Common Core assessment: After having determined that abstract reasoning concepts have been properly applied and that all necessary operations of proper math protocol have been followed, a conclusion may be drawn in the affirmative that no additional operations will be necessary in completing this calculation.

Traditional assessment: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Kevin Cauthen

Lancaster, S.C.

In response to Eric Frazier “How fear tilts the scales of justice” (Dec. 5 In My Opinion):

A lesson all should be taught: Showing respect earns respect

As a 65-year-old white male, I applaud Eric Frazier’s comments.

The protocol he describes is the exact one I have used when stopped by law enforcement and it’s what I have taught my children and grandchildren. It is a lesson that should be taught to everyone at an early age.

Showing respect for authority would have prevented most of the police brutality stories in today’s news. It simply would not have given an officer the necessity to make quick decisions with bad results.

The African-American community, and society in general, must do more to educate all people that showing respect earns respect.

Mike Campbell


In response to “Ferguson prompts Obama plan” (Dec. 2):

Body cameras won’t stop those willing to loot, set fires

President Obama is requesting authorization to purchase 50,000 body cameras for police officers.

While body cameras are a good idea to protect police and the public, they will do nothing to stem the tide of looting and arson in the aftermath of a police shooting.

In cases where the video from a body camera supports the police officer, those who would engage in looting and arson rather than in peaceful protest, will ignore the video evidence and claim it was manufactured or altered by authorities.

Craig Reutlinger


In response to “Owners look to develop failed golf course land” (Dec. 3):

Over-development without mass transit is insanity

It already takes me almost an hour to get from uptown to my home off Providence Road.

This proposed project on Providence Road near I-485 includes up to 650,000 square feet of office space, 250,000 square feet of retail, a possible school, possible police substation, and a park, among other projects.

Across the road another development, Waverly, – already approved – includes 250,000 square feet of retail, two to five six-story office buildings, 375 upscale apartments, and a hotel.

The only obvious traffic solution for such gigantic development is mass transit!

Is such a proposal even in the offing? Otherwise, this is all insanity.

Dottie Coplon


In response to “Lanesboro murder inquiry raises other issues” (Dec. 5):

Put an end to crime in N.C. prisons; system needs fixing

If inmates at Lanesboro Correctional Institution can repeatedly access weapons, drugs and phones, then the prison isn’t serving its function very well.

The point of prison is to stop inmates from committing more crimes, not to serve as grounds for another gang killing.

Prison officials need to impose tighter restrictions and prevent these killings and assaults, or else our taxpayer dollars going to the prison are serving no purpose.

We need to fix our prison system!

Jack Miklaucic


I just want some honesty and integrity in the next election

Watching TV has been a pleasure now that the election is over. Both Republicans and Democrats resorted to demonizing their opponents to the point of absurdity.

My family and friends kept the mute button handy and used it frequently.

I just wish there were more integrity, sanity and honesty in our election process. I also wish our legislators would pass a bill making it a crime to lie about a candidate’s position – but then, our courts would be even more crowded!

Jean McCoy