Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “What UAB’s football death means to UNCC” (Dec. 4 Viewpoint):

Football is not a necessary part of college experience; get rid of teams

What the death of football at University of Alabama-Birmingham represents is the ghost at the banquet – a meme that should resonate with any student applying to, say, UNC Charlotte.

An applicant should be bright and prescient enough to wonder how football is “a valuable recruiting tool and an important part of student life.”

Exactly what part of the “college experience” is tailgating, and watching your fellow students surrender 50 points while losing?

This risible expense promotes the school brand how?

I implore UNC Charlotte, and also UNC Chapel Hill, to open their eyes, deconsecrate their stadiums, and turn them into museums denouncing “how we used to think.”

Steve Craig


In response to “Another case for term limits” (Dec 4 Viewpoint):

Would George Will rather Congress spend that $612M on a bomber?

I’m outraged too, George Will, that Congress appropriated $612 million to promote safe routes for children whose physical development might benefit from walking or cycling to school.

Physically fit citizens are of no value in defending our republic.

That money could have been used to fund one of the 80 to 100 $550 million long-range bombers for which the Air Force is issuing a request for proposals.

Of course, the $612 million would probably not be enough for a whole plane when the research and development costs are prorated for each bomber.

Lee Neulicht


In response to “Hagan faults Obama in defeat” (Dec. 4):

Maybe Obama didn’t help Hagan, but no denying he helped the economy

Sen. Kay Hagan may be partly right in claiming that President Obama didn’t do enough to help her get elected.

But at the same time, anyone with an IQ greater than their sock size knows the U.S. economy is improving rapidly under a president who is forced to act alone while the Congress does nothing.

Chris Jackson


Hagan lost because middle-class families are losing economic ground

President Obama’s use of the bully pulpit would not have saved Sen. Kay Hagan’s seat because if he had used it to trumpet “the positive improvement of middle class families” as cited by Hagan, voters would have known that it was simply not true in their individual circumstances.

Voters correctly attributed the cause of their declining household incomes to the policies of the Democratic Party, represented by Kay Hagan, and voted her out.

She lost because of her political positions, voting record, and what she represented – inept big-government policies – not because of “lack of communication” from Obama.

Bill Ingram


In response to “Skvarla to succeed Decker at Commerce” (Dec. 3):

Jobs are important to N.C. residents, but they also want a livable planet

Secretary John Skvarla is wrong. Jobs aren’t the only thing North Carolinians care about. We care about our children and grandchildren.

The World Meteorological Association says 2014 is on track to be the hottest year recorded. Carbon dioxide is at levels not seen for millions of years.

The overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree we must leave most fossil fuels in the ground to preserve a livable planet. Yet Duke Energy and its friends at DENR oppose EPA’s plan prioritizing energy efficiency and renewable energy, which is plummeting in price.

If we don’t wake up and demand the necessary changes, our children and grandchildren will wonder why we ruined the world for them.

Beth Henry


In response to “GOP needs fire-in-the-belly candidate, not an old-timer” (Dec. 5 Forum):

Yes, give the GOP base all the ‘brimstone and bull’ they desire

Kudos to Forum writer Jim Cherry for being so right.

No bellicose relic like John McCain, or even another patrician prissy like Mitt Romney, will satisfy the Republican base’s urgent need for a messiah to “take back America” from all the Democrats, minorities and foreigners who are ruining this country.

With no Hollywood star like Ronald Reagan around today, the new red-hot candidate Mr. Cherry is championing must preach loudly and proudly and arouse and enrage with the boiling belches of brimstone and bull for which the Republican base so desperately hungers.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill