Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

List of CIA atrocities sickens me; this is not who we are

Regardless of our politics, one of our core values as Americans has always been our belief that we are the “good guys.”

The list of atrocities committed by the CIA shocks and sickens me. The end does not justify the means.

The only thing that allows us to continue holding up our heads in the world is that the report was released by our own Senate and not some foreign government.

Sue Friday


Feinstein’s release of report harms the U.S., aids enemies

Most Americans are unaware that since 9/11 we have been fighting WWIII, and anyone who has ever served in the armed forces of the United States knows that you do not provide information to the enemy that can be used against us.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein is on the way out and just wanted to make a name for herself; she did, it’s called “traitor.”

Paul Walker


Times of great peril like 9/11 call for drastic measures

While I agree that waterboarding is a reprehensible act, I also know that in times of great peril drastic measures are sometimes called for. Sept. 11, 2001, was such a time.

I wonder if Sen. Dianne Feinstein gave any thought to the Pandora’s box she was opening, or to the lives that will be lost as a direct result of her actions?

Sheila Evans


Unfair to second-guess police for split-second decisions

While the death of Eric Garner is certainly a tragedy, I wonder if there would have been as big a public outcry if the officer had let go of Garner only to have Garner quickly reach for a concealed weapon and stab/shoot the officer to death?

Our police officers, who protect us and put their lives in jeopardy every day, go into dangerous situations having to make split-second decisions.

It’s unreasonable for the public to become Monday morning quarterbacks in these situations. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Mary Williams


In response to “Davis wants outside inquiry” (Dec. 10):

Bravo, Eric Davis; taxpayers are entitled to the facts

Thank you, Eric Davis, for renewing your call that the public’s questions about Dr. Heath Morrison’s resignation are answered.

The people who pay Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools staff and elect “their” school board “representatives” are entitled to this.

Board chair Mary McCray’s weak excuse for the lack of transparency is to take cover by invoking the exit agreement the board reached with Morrison.

Ellen Martin


Make illegal immigrants get in line to come back legally

It does not seem realistic to think we can deport all the millions of people who’ve come to the United States illegally.

Amnesty is certainly not the answer because it will only encourage others to emulate those who are here.

These people should be given a path to legitimate residence and employment choices, etc. But they should never become citizens or be entitled to any of the benefits (voting, Medicare, etc.) – unless and until they leave the country and get in line to come back legally!

Mary Ellen Miller


In response to “Vote for substance, not style, in picking next president” (Dec. 9 Forum):

Last Republican administration left behind a trail of ‘worsts’

Forum writer Elton Shoemaker wants a problem-solving Republican as our next president. So let’s see, what did we get with the last Republican administration...:

• 9/11, the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil,

• the Iraq War and the elimination of Saddam Hussein, the worst foreign policy decision ever by an American president,

• and the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Please, deliver me from Republican administrations.

Bonner Mills

Mount Holly

In response to “More Charlotte cardiac arrest victims surviving” (Dec. 9):

My wife was one of those survivors. Thank you for that

I freely admit to tearing up when I read this article.

My wife survived a cardiac arrest on July 12, 2013. I will be forever thankful to the EMTs and other rescue personnel who saved her life that day – and by extension, mine.

The new CPR protocols that EMTs use in Charlotte and Union County made a difference in my life, as they clearly have in so many, many others.

A billion thank yous are not enough. You are all awesome.

Eric J. Schwabenlender