Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Conservative feminist no oxymoron” (Dec. 11 Viewpoint):

Your view on abortion shouldn’t supersede mine

I have no argument against pro-life women. They are entitled to their opinion. However, no one should be permitted to obstruct my pro-choice views.

If only everyone would mind their own business...

Linda J. Brooks


In response to “Report rebukes CIA for torture” (Dec. 10):

CIA torture was justified in response to torment of 9/11

As a former New Yorker who had a cousin on the 66th floor on 9/11 and a fireman friend whose lungs were damaged working on the pile, I believe our government did and must do whatever necessary to prevent attacks on America.

Jumping from the World Trade Center to avoid burning to death or being crushed in its collapse is worse than the torment our enemies endured.

President Obama and Sen. Dianne Feinstein risked American lives and the loss of our allies’ trust by publicizing that report. They should be held responsible for resulting attacks or deaths.

Joyce McLaren


CIA did the right thing; Senate investigation of it was wrong

As a Vietnam War naval aviator, I trained in Brunswick, Maine in 10-below temps.

After “incarceration” we were stripped naked and thrown out into snow. We were beaten, forced to inhale smoke until unconsciousness, stuffed in small boxes, lost restroom privileges, and exposed to nonstop loud speakers. My fellow POWs suffered broken bones and a broken eardrum.

I have few regrets from this training. I do object to the Senate investigation regarding CIA treatment of prisoners.

We were attacked as a nation on 9/11, with more lost lives than from the attack on Pearl Harbor. We had to strike back and we gained invaluable information that prevented other attacks on our nation.

I believe we did the right things to protect our way of life.

David C. Blanton


Resorting to torture puts U.S. on par with ISIS, the Taliban

I am saddened but not surprised at the CIA torture report.

Most Americans understand that this is not who we are and not what this nation is about.

If we succumb to our basest violent instincts, then we are no better than ISIS, the Taliban, and the rest of those we are fighting who use torture, for they think they are justified and righteous as well.

Shame on those who let this happen, and shame on those who think this is acceptable.

Steven Powers


We have much to learn about acceptance from today’s teens

I attended Myers Park High School’s talent show this week and received a huge dose of hope.

Teens are moving toward a future of racial diversity acceptance. To them, it’s not skin color, but who you are, that seems to matter more and more.

The entries included a Chinese pianist, female guitarist/singers, African-American dance troupes, white male rock bands, etc. The audience was equally diverse, and more importantly they cheered for every contestant equally.

Buoyed by their energy, I left with a vision for our nation – a future of a true melting pot America. We older citizens have much to learn.

Martha Whitfield


In response to For the Record “We’re from opposing parties, but we agree on this” (Dec. 11 Opinion):

I, too, favor redistricting reform, but odds seem long

I’m lending my support to the idea put forth by former mayors Richard Vinroot and Charles Meeker.

Any reasonable person can see the flaw in the current gerrymandering that has been going on for decades now.

Our Republic calls for the voters to select their representatives. The way it works in North Carolina – and many other states – is that the representatives select their voters.

But what are the odds that this will change?

Dennis Smith


In response to “Crash site is city’s 4th-most dangerous intersection” (Dec. 10):

We may have witnessed Cam’s greatest gift to Charlotte

Fortunately, it appears both drivers involved in Tuesday’s wreck will be OK.

Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – it took an accident involving a high-profile Charlottean for the city to investigate this dangerous intersection, which will probably be renamed “Cam’s Corner.”

This could be Cam Newton’s greatest gift to Charlotte.

Mindy A. Kirshbaum