Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to For the Record “We’re from opposing parties, but we agree on this” (Dec. 11 Opinion):

Redistricting reform long overdue; don’t wait

Yes, North Carolinians have had their fill of “gerrymandering,” the political party sleight of hand that makes our votes worthless.

What kind of democracy is it that encourages voter turnout, but allows political parties to fix election results before the polls ever open?


A fair redistricting system is decades overdue! Let’s get to work on it, now!

Harry Taylor


In response to Peter St. Onge “Too quick to ready, aim, fire” (Dec. 12 In My Opinion):

This isn’t Moscow; free speech applies to Crystal Eschert too

I must be getting soft or the spirit of Christmas has overtaken my mind because for the second time in 2014 I’m in agreement with an Observer opinion.

Crystal Eschert posted her point of view on Facebook and gets fired by the city! Where are we, Moscow?

So much for free speech.

I hope some fair-minded lawyer takes up her case and gets her job back, if indeed she wants it!

Peter J. Augusta


In response to “Good Friends smash fundraising record” (Dec. 12):

Why feature a man when women raised the money?

It took my breath away to walk into the Good Friends luncheon with so many (1,200) powerful, generous women.

It was equally thrilling to open my Observer and see the impact we will have with the “record-blasting” money raised.

Why then prominently portray men in the photos with women only in the background? Women are the forefront of Good Friends!

Julie Nofsinger


In response to “Good Fellows pass (Santa) hat” (Dec. 11):

Hand up is nice, but decent living wage would help more

How many of the 1,500 Charlotte area “Good Fellows” businessmen understand – and deliver – what the city's working poor really need?

A decent living wage, secure benefits, and humane work schedules would do far more good than the glitzy, highly publicized, once-a-year offer of a “hand up.”

Linda Goodwin


Now’s the time for dialogue about race in Charlotte

We are fast approaching a time in this country where we better start having real dialogue about race issues. Charlotte should use recent events to create a unique opportunity for real community dialogue.

We have political, civic and business leaders of all races who have the skills to facilitate such a dialogue.

The venue could be a number of respectfully moderated community forums, but the leadership and participation should be racially and ethnically varied to be of greatest value.

If Charlotte – and by extension America – doesn’t have the leadership and courage to bring its citizens together to work to understand each other’s perspectives and feelings, the ongoing mistrust and fear will continue and likely worsen.

Mike Rains


In response to “Unfair to second-guess police for split-second decisions” (Dec. 11 Forum):

No excuse for excess of force we are seeing from police

There are accounts almost daily of questionable actions by police: shooting children with toy guns, shooting people who are retrieving papers from their car.

What these incidents indicate is the proclivity of police to shoot first.

Police should be required to serve the public. It can be a dangerous job. That is no excuse for the excesses of force we are seeing.

Lewis Guignard


3% mortgage idea is a bad one; let’s not repeat a failure

So we’re just now getting out of one of the worst recessions in our history brought on partly by mortgage companies lending money to people who could not afford the mortgages, and now Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac want to do the same thing again? What a brilliant idea.

Dick Meyer