Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Observer crossed a line linking Cheney with Cannon and Assad” (Dec 30 Forum):

Cheney deserved that spot on Naughty List

Former Vice President Cheney played a lead role in the “War on Terror,” including being an early proponent of the Iraq War.

Cheney continued to allege a link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, even though the President’s Daily Brief on Sept. 21, 2001, cited no evidence of a link between Hussein and the Sept. 11 attacks. The Iraq War cost the United States 36,710 dead and wounded.

Former Mayor Patrick Cannon is guilty of a breach of public trust, yes, but he resigned the day he was arrested, pleaded guilty, and is serving his sentence. Cannon cost no lives. He accepted full responsibility and apologized.

When will Cheney accept responsibility and apologize?

Kathleen Britton


Wrong to compare Cannon and U.S. vice president with Syrian dictator

The Observer cannot put its bias aside for even one day. Why else would you print your version of “naughty and nice” with our former Vice President Dick Cheney on the same list with a ruthless dictator?

I even object to former Mayor Patrick Cannon being on the list. Neither of those men is in the same class as Bashar al Assad.

I can deal with your progressive liberalism, but it’s hard to get past your vendetta against President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Larry Bunch


29 states have boosted minimum wage, N.C. should follow suit

With the first of the new year 29 states now have a minimum wage higher than the federal level, including the Southern states of West Virginia moving to $8 per hour and Arkansas to $7.50.

Obviously, their elected representatives think their peoples’ labor is worth more than the people of North Carolina.

Come on North Carolina, show a little compassion for the working poor.

David W. Isaac


In response to “Adoption puts ‘legal stamp’ on families” ((Dec. 30):

N.C. must make ‘shared parenting’

the legal standard in custody cases

Guardian ad litem Jane Freeman said Family Court custody hearings “often are unpleasant.”

After participating in numerous court watches throughout North Carolina, I say custody hearings are always unpleasant.

This emotional and financial abuse of families could end if we made “rebuttable presumption/shared parenting” the standard in family law. It would eliminate gender bias and maximize time spent with both parents, which research clearly shows is in the child’s best interest.

Why remove a fit father who wants to be there for his children?

Sheila Peltzer


Novant hurting itself by instituting 2015 pay cut for medical secretaries

On Nov. 6 the Observer ran an article headlined “Novant to cut pay for medical secretaries.” It said 157 secretaries would get a “maximum salary decrease of 10 percent” starting next week.

The same article mentioned huge payouts for Novant executives.

Top hourly rate for secretaries is approximately $17. Many had not had a raise since 2009.

Whoever thinks a 10 percent salary reduction is a good idea, needs to stop and consider how that 10 percent – as much as $290 per month – impacts an employee’s budget.

You soon will not have the people, or the work ethic, you need. Pay attention!

Judy Brown


In response to “Jurist looks back on rulings with no regrets” (Dec. 30):

Mecklenburg County was lucky to have a judge like Richard Boner

When retiring senior resident Superior Court Judge Richard Boner finally reaches the pearly gates to meet “a judge far greater than me,” I feel certain the Lord will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Thank you, Richard Boner, for all your years of service, and God bless you.

Marleen Alexander