Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Trash and treasure on a greenway” (Jan. 3):

Greenway is a jewel; don’t lose it again

Thanks to Richard Maschal for recognizing what is happening to Little Sugar Creek along Kings Drive. The greenway is a jewel for our city and demonstrates the best our city-county government can accomplish. However, the creek bed and its banks are becoming a cesspool of trash and filth. The banks require regular clearing, pruning and maintenance, but none appears to have been done since the original planting.

I have contacted county officials to no avail. Please, let’s not lose this creek again.

George H. Dornblazer


In response to “Data: Red-light cameras linked to fewer injuries” (Jan. 5):

Red-light cameras caused my accident, medical bills

After receiving two tickets at Charlotte intersections with cameras, I decided to always stop at yellow lights in Charlotte. Soon after, I had a rear-end accident, resulting in major repairs to my car and injuries requiring months of medical attention.

Ticket cameras caused my behavior change and ultimately caused my accident. Somehow accidents like mine are left out of the safety equation while Charlotte counts its revenue and feels good about its fictional safety record.

Tom Daoust


Cameras don’t serve the public, but rather intimidate it

The whole concept of red-light cameras reeks of the police state. We have the military industrial complex that somehow has funneled military equipment into our local police forces. The function of government is to serve the public, not to intimidate it. The corporations now own Congress. Are we willing to also let them take over our local government?

Jerry Haney


In response to “Emails detail tension over CMS reorg plan” (Jan. 6):

Shame on Battle, school board, for not getting the other side

Every competent lawyer knows from experience that you need to hear both sides before reaching the serious conclusions that someone has “lied” and been a “bully.” Shame on CMS attorney George Battle for reaching these conclusions without hearing from both sides, and shame on the school board for listening to him.

George Daly


Lay off Battle; he was saving the school system money

Why continue to run the same story of the Heath Morrison departure with no new information?

I am also at a loss to understand why Mr. Battle reorganizing his department and returning $70,000 to the school budget is a bad thing. By assigning existing staff extra duties, Battle also saves the system from hiring as many outside attorneys at $600/hour.

If there is another shoe to drop, find it! Until then, no news is good news.

Carla DuPuy


In response to “Reducing Charlotte’s homicides” (Jan. 5 column):

Key to cutting persistent crime is education, role models

Eric Frazier pointed out many of the frustrations with lowering the crime and poverty rates in the Metro Division but his recommended solution is only partially correct. He stated that the fix is about “Jobs that pay enough to support a family...” While that is certainly desirable, it is unlikely without the education and skills needed by Charlotte businesses. These uneducated youth without role models are most likely destined to be poor and unemployed. We need leadership from parents, community leaders, sports figures and other role models who have broken the poverty cycle.

Don Justice


In response to “Fulfilling these wishes would make for a happy new year” (Jan. 6 Forum):

A different take on what makes for a happier new year

Here are some of my wishes: Better manners, morals, respect and behavior by all toward all. More responsibility, less blame. More jobs, less welfare. More news, less commentary. More cooperation between the White House and the Hill, fewer executive orders.

Hank Cowell

Chapel Hill