Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “NASCAR hall debt plan hits sour note” (Jan. 7):

Take responsibility for NASCAR hall

This is America – we’re supposed to be responsible and accountable for the things we do!

The NASCAR hall has clearly fallen short of its financial expectations. However, the City of Charlotte aggressively competed for this facility, managed its design and construction, and unfortunately had to borrow money from these banks to complete it.

We, as a community, took on a commitment to pay those debts. The hall’s failed financial performance rests with the city – Charlotte is the responsible party here!

It’s time to show we’ve learned a lesson, take responsibility, and by all means, use better judgment in the future.

Bill Blank


If NASCAR museum can’t make a profit, find a tenant that can

If I buy a house that I can’t afford, that everyone tells me not to buy, will the city make a one-time payment and the banks forgo a good portion of the mortgage to help get me out of hock?

I have a better idea: Why doesn’t the City find a tenant that can actually make money in the building, and put all those cars out front on cinder blocks?

Tripp Cherry


World-class status requires more than subsidies to sports

In giving subsidies to nearly every sports team, Charlotte has made no secret that its path to “world class” passes through our arenas and stadiums. Unfortunately the City’s position – that the convenience of an escalator is more important than the inconvenience of the homeless – will keep us permanently on the path to “low class.”

Steve LaDue

Fort Mill, S.C.

In response to “France hunts 2 men in mass shooting” (Jan. 8) and related articles:

Moderate Muslims must speak out against recent atrocities

During World War II, the moderate Germans claimed they knew nothing about the concentration camps or they would have protested.

Today’s moderate Muslims have no such excuse.

Mike Byrd


Peaceful Muslims like me condemn Paris terror attack

The attack upon the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris is absolutely atrocious.

These acts are committed by radicals who do not represent true Islam.

Muslims should respond to criticisms against Islam and Prophet Muhammad with arguments and reasoning, and by the power of the pen.

With that in mind, critics and satirists must be mindful of the sentiments of Muslims and not use their freedom of speech irresponsibly. Muslims have a deep love for Prophet Muhammad and it is wrong for satirists to willfully arouse their feelings and sentiments.

Rizwan Dard


In response to “Left-wing ideology has brought modern-day Cuba to its knees” (Jan. 6 Forum):

Economy is on a roll under Obama, and I’m OK with that

Forum writer Don Reid must listen to the conservative pundits who say we’re headed in the direction of “socialism/communism” because of Comrade Obama.

Do not be afraid, my friend. If this better economy – low gas prices, low unemployment, etc. – is socialism/communism, I’ll take it!

Molly Saffer


It’s just plain old winter weather; stop overreacting

I cannot believe how the local media created hysteria over the current “arctic blast.”

We are already closing schools because it “might” snow, and now we need to see if the wind might gust and it’s cold? Worse yet, CMS actually had to announce that schools would be open. The level of overreaction gets worse each year.

At some point this city needs to quit pretending that we don’t know what to do when it’s cold.

Jim Hall


Show some respect; quit calling my wife and me ‘guys’

I think I will scream if one more restaurant hostess, waitress or waiter calls my wife and me “guys.” We are both seniors and deserve better than a disrespectful greeting such as this.

Some suggestions: Hello, how are you (or y’all) doing today; Welcome to our restaurant; or, just a hello would be fine.

Jim Walker