Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Peaceful Muslims like me condemn Paris terror attack” (Jan. 9 Forum):

Wrong to blame critics, satirists

Forum writer Rizwan Dard qualifies his condemnation with a healthy dose of victim blaming.

Ridiculous ideas deserve ridicule, no matter if they are religion-based or not. The idea that simply drawing a picture of a person who may or may not have existed 1,300 years ago somehow deserves death is a ridiculous idea.

To blame critics and satirists for the actions of people who have incurred no harm beyond “hurt feelings” is ludicrous.

Let’s all agree that what the Kouachi brothers did in the name of Islam is reprehensible, full stop.

Chris Barron


I have a right to free speech; you can count on me to use it

Forum writer Rizwan Dard holds out the olive branch of understanding, then snatches it back as he warns us we should be mindful of the sentiments of those who would kill us. This is hypocrisy seldom seen.

I will never ask permission to exercise my right to free speech. Get used to it.

Robert S. Williams


In response to “Will this fix cure NASCAR hall? (Jan. 8 Editorial) and related articles:

Close down the NASCAR hall and let the foreclosure begin

We should rename it the NASCAR Hall of Shame. It will never produce enough to pay for itself.

Since the beginning, the hotel/motel tax was supposed to help pay for it. Now, they want $5 million from the city.

Which one of my pockets will that come from?

Sadly, we keep voting in the same people who do this to us.

Close it down and let the banks have at it.

Ann Marie Lloyd


Stop treating NASCAR hall like it’s a philanthropic venture

As a shareholder of Bank of America, I am not in favor of forgiving a $17.6 million loan for the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Bank of America is a business with the goal of generating a return on shareholders’ equity. It is not a philanthropic organization designed to support a failed enterprise.

Joe Lakas


In response to “Patients get relief on hospital bills” (Jan. 8):

Interest-free payment plans

to pay bloated medical costs?

Wow, how generous that our hospitals are now offering “interest free” payment plans.

Our health care system has to be the most dysfunctional when it comes to charges and payments. No one has any idea how much anything costs until you get your “explanation of benefits.”

That’s when you find out that you were charged over $100 for a flu shot – even if insurance covered it.

So thank you Novant and CHS for giving us interest free payments after price-gouging us for years.

Laura Reich


Instead of veto threats, Obama needs to start compromising

It amazes me that the Obama White House hasn’t gotten the message sent by voters in November.

Instead of exploring ways to work with the new Republican Congress on issues like the Keystone XL pipeline, financial regulation, and changes in Obamacare, they threaten to veto without even exploring opportunities to compromise.

In so doing they send the message that President Obama has abandoned attempts at bipartisanship.

As a result, Democrats will continue to distance themselves from this lame-duck president, particularly those Democrats who are interested in being the party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Craig Reutlinger


In response to “Have no fear: Pay-as-you-throw garbage system works” (Jan. 2 For the Record):

To encourage recycling, charge for each bag sent to landfill

My family strongly supports a change in garbage pickup that helps minimize landfill-bound trash in favor of recycling as much discard as possible – even to the point of charging for each bag destined for landfill.

Philip Lesser