Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

Let’s compete with Seattle in an area other than sports: trash collection

An important difference between Charlotte and Seattle was omitted from “Charlotte, Seattle showdown” (Jan. 9): trash collection policies.

Seattle provides recycling, yard-waste and compost pick up – and now fines residents if more than 10 percent of a trash-can’s contents are food waste or recyclables.

Why can’t Charlotte get stricter on garbage? Large roll-out containers overflow in front of many homes weekly.

I challenge fellow citizens to reduce their garbage. Get creative. It’s not that hard now that recycling is provided curbside and many stores provide battery, light bulb and plastic bag recycling, among other items.

Martha Whitfield


Only a few want to hijack Islam; to defeat them we must recognize that

I have heard Charlotte’s Islamic leaders condemn violent acts. (Thank you!)

We must realize that there are just a few who want to hijack Islam to validate their political dissent with a violent Islamic-West conflict.

Don’t take the bait! Good Americans of all beliefs need to reach out to one another with love, tolerance and respect to end this crazy “jihad” of frustrated youth brainwashed into thinking terror is a noble manly path. It’s not.

Chip Potts


In response to “Feinstein seeking a halt to torture” (Jan. 6):

Feinstein’s take on torture doesn’t match reality of today’s world

Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants to work to end torture of captured terrorists.

What is defined as “enhanced interrogation” ended by U.S. presidential directive at least seven years ago!

Is Sen. Feinstein living in some delusional world or something, utterly divorced from the reality of Islamist terrorists who even slaughter journalists for simply “offending” them, as they just did last week in France?

Or is she just patently dishonest?

Mel Morganstein


In response to “FBI looks for motive in explosion near Colorado NAACP office” (Jan. 7 CharlotteObserver.com):

Recognize Colorado NAACP bombing case for what it was – a hate crime

In Colorado Springs a man attempted to bomb an NAACP office. Some in the media reported it as an act of “domestic terrorism.”

I disagree. It was a hate crime!

Long before there was ISIS or al-Qaida, there have been extremist groups trying to prevent civil, equal, voter, women’s, and gay rights in the U.S.

Lone-wolf domestic terrorism, no. A hate crime.

John K. Maxwell


In response to “Flawed logic to say obeying the law caused accident” (Jan. 8 Forum):

Red-light cameras not a panacea, increase length of yellow light instead

Forum writer Donald Nelson seems to think laws and police surveillance solve problems.

But a 2005 Federal Highway Administration study showed red-light cameras caused more rear-end collisions.

Some cities are realizing the cameras are a bad deal for everyone and taking them down.

A Chicago Tribune analysis last year revealed that yellow light times there were reduced to increase the number of tickets. As a result, judges threw out 200 of 1,500 red-light tickets.

If the purpose is safety, the most effective thing to do is increase the yellow-light time by one or two seconds to clear the intersection.

Alan Dockery


In response to “Show some respect; quit calling my wife and me ‘guys’ ” (Jan. 9 Forum):

Don’t be offended by term ‘guys’; words change meaning over time

Times change, and so do meanings and uses of words.

Most younger folks use the word “guys” for pretty much any group of more than one. This is partly to avoid offending anyone by the use of incorrect gender, age, or other references.

Try to adapt and understand the evolution of language and you’ll find it less offensive – and your life can become less stressful!

Larry A. Clark


In response to “Cuomo an eloquent voice for a lost cause” (Jan. 6 Viewpoint):

Mario Cuomo was loved by many; wrong of Ponnuru to bash him

Mario Cuomo’s liberal beliefs served the interests of a great melting pot of cultures and beliefs in New York.

And his liberal beliefs would support hearing the opinions of people who seem to be just plain hateful.

Mr. Cuomo’s liberal heritage is one which asks us to act with a love for all people, even Ramesh Ponnuru.

Bernie LeViner