Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “How to get a better corruption sentence” (Jan. 13 Forum):

‘Elite shield’ protects a wide spectrum

There is no doubt that the “elite shield” is alive and well in the U.S. criminal justice system. But it’s not limited to white, conservative, Christian Republicans.

It extends across the spectrum to protect elites like accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston from accountability.

The assertion that Christianity is a relevant distinction in the cases of Cannon and McDonnell is false. All one needs to do is look at the photograph the Observer ran on the eve of the former mayor’s trip to prison, where his web page featured the word “REDEMPTION.”

Robert F. Salvia


In response to “White House admits error in Paris” (Jan. 13):

Paris attack was their 9/11; Obama should’ve marched

When more than 1 million French citizens and 50 high-level government officials from around the world marched in support of free speech and thought, it was a wonderful sight to see.

What was not seen was any high-level representative from the U.S. To miss this opportunity to show support for the French in their hour of difficulty, is extremely disappointing and embarrassing.

Our national leadership should be ashamed for not supporting the French at this march. I know I am.

Bill Rice


In response to Taylor Batten’s “The blinders we wrestle to shed” (Jan. 11 Opinion):

Hostile words have impact

and we must not ignore that

If three black teenagers think there is nothing wrong with verbally assaulting Barbara like this in front of the SouthPark Walgreen’s, how would they have reacted if she had bumped into their car in their neighborhood instead?

Why would they think it is acceptable to verbally abuse anyone in this way, much less a white woman by herself?

At some point we must ask the black teenagers to take responsibility for the kind of effect their hostile words and behavior are going to have on other people.

Julie Tuggle


In response to “Zimmerman charged with assault in Florida” (Jan. 11):

Zimmerman’s latest charge points up need for better laws

Last Friday, George Zimmerman was accused of committing another act of violence against a woman.

How many more times will women have to accuse him before he has to answer for his alleged acts?

When it’s too late? I hope not.

Stricter laws against domestic violence to protect women are so desperately needed to end recurring situations like this – permanently.

Lorraine Stark


In response to “3rd charter in a year may close” (Jan. 13):

Sad statement when school with entrepreneur focus closes

So, Entrepreneur High School has ideas stolen, teeters on the edge of failure?

As an entrepreneur, that’s embarrassing.

Jeff A. Gregory


In response to “Red-light cameras not a panacea, increase length of yellow light instead” (Jan. 12 Forum):

Yellow lights designed to slow you down, not speed you up

Show me the statistics on accidents and deaths for running red lights and I am sure they will far outweigh the ones for rear-end collisions.

Yellow means stop! It does not mean jump on the gas to try and beat the signal.

If you’re driving so fast you have to slam on the brakes when the light turns yellow, then maybe getting hit in the rear end once or twice will slow you down.

Ken Randall


In response to “U.S. military’s social media hacked” (Jan. 13):

Makes no sense for national security unit to be tweeting

Why does the U.S. Central Command have a Twitter account, for goodness sakes!

Jim Bolt