Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Teacher posts wedding plans, loses his job” (Jan. 14):

Pope teaches tolerance; firing teacher ignores his message

The Catholic Church is wearing me out. The Church and Charlotte Catholic High School are showing not just intolerance but a total lack of love, compassion, and fairness.

Is the local bishop listening to anything Pope Francis is saying?

Key changes need to be made here. The local bishop and several priests he appointed need to be replaced with those willing to follow the Pope’s lead. If you are Catholic and you agree, speak up.

Coletta Lenhart


I see hypocrisy in dismissal of inspiring, remarkable teacher

My son had Lonnie Billard as a teacher for several years at Charlotte Catholic.

To say that Mr. Billard is an inspiring and exceptional teacher is an understatement. He was supportive of all his students and taught them to appreciate fine literature, movies, music, and the art of good conversation.

To compare his remarkable career to “the guy working for Coca-Cola walking around with a Pepsi” is disparaging and belittling.

I saw no termination of faculty who were divorced, used birth control or had a vasectomy, lived with partners outside of marriage, or committed adultery.

Carol Palillo


In response to “Charlotte weighs immigrant ID plan” (Jan. 15):

Focus first on voter IDs, more important that votes are legal

So there are politicians who think it’s a good idea to give illegal immigrants an ID, but some of them also think it is racist to give IDs to all Americans so they can vote.

Does this make any sense?

I’m not against illegal immigrants having an ID so we know who they are, but I really think it is more important to know who is voting in this country and make sure they are legal voters.

Dick Meyer


In response to “Take from rich, give to poor? (Jan. 13 Editorial) and related articles:

Expanding Medicaid would help struggling rural counties

A simple way for the Republicans in the N.C. legislature to help poorer counties would be to expand Medicaid.

We will pay billions to the federal government for this expansion whether North Carolina does it or not. And if someone cannot pay their hospital bill we will also pay for that health care.

Forward-thinking Republican legislatures across the country are expanding Medicaid, but here in North Carolina we are falling behind.

Dave Ballenger


In response to “Director Eagan rights the ship at DSS” (Jan. 14):

Meck, its youth better off

now that Eagan is in charge

The writer is coordinator of psychology services at Teen Health Connection.

A heartfelt “thank you” to Peggy Eagan for her years of service to Mecklenburg County youth and current leadership of DSS.

I interact with Youth and Family Services social workers daily, and I can attest to their dedication to the most vulnerable youth in our county.

While I wish that no child had to enter foster care, the sad reality is that we need a working system to care for our neglected and abused young.

Peggy Eagan and her devoted staff provide a much needed safety net for our youth.

Mary F. Tayal


In response to “Yellow lights designed to slow you down, not speed you up” (Jan. 14 Forum):

Yellow light signals drivers

to proceed with caution

Forum writer Ken Randall is correct in one aspect: The yellow light “does not mean jump on the gas to try and beat the signal.”

But the red light is the color that means “stop.” The yellow light means proceed with caution.

For everyone’s information, driver’s manuals are free at DMV offices.

Terry C. Robertson


In response to “New WFAE leader looks to the future” (Jan. 10):

Sarow set a high bar for local public radio; he will be missed

Several years ago I called WFAE to complain about a programming change. The person who answered quickly transferred me to WFAE President Roger Sarow.

He very kindly told me that he understood my position, but thought I would enjoy the new program, “Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!” Of course he was correct.

I was amazed that the president was taking phone calls from a disgruntled listener. He has set a high bar for excellence. Mr. Sarow will be missed.

Deb Triece