Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

I agree with Franklin; Duke Chapel built to glorify Jesus

The writer is a 1962 Duke University graduate.

I admire Franklin Graham for standing up for Jesus and for asking donors to withhold support to Duke University.

I imagine a few donors informed the university that their promised millions would be canceled; so, Duke postponed its plan for Muslim call.

Academic liberalism, intellectual arrogance, humanism and spiritual blindness may have misled Duke to the plan.

You dishonor Duke and the Church. I turn my back to you and your administration.

John Tinnell

Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

In response to “Bending to Franklin Graham feeds anti-Muslim agenda” (Jan. 20 Forum):

Let church bells, Muslim call, even shofar ring out at Duke

I concur with Forum writer Shahina Bashir, a Muslim who believes Duke University should “stick to its principles of pluralism and treat all students equally.” Therefore, I would expect to hear the shofar when appropriate and church bells peal on Sunday so all students can hear their religion’s call to worship.

Geri Ridenhour


In response to Feedback “Why I call Pat McCrory a partner at my firm” (Jan. 18 Opinion):

McCrorys can’t use term ‘partner’ at their convenience

Phil McCrory pointed out there are legal and emotional meanings to the word “partner.” True, but he ignored the fact that you cannot pick and choose when you mean the legal definition.

When McCrory & Company allowed the term to be used in SEC filings, the legal definition applied. Either those SEC filings were incorrect, or Gov. Pat McCrory was incorrect in his ethics forms.

Both cannot be correct.

Jerry Simon


In response to “Eliminate gerrymandered districts” (Jan. 19 Forum):

Gerrymandering won’t end until federal mandates do

Yes, eliminating these “rigged election districts” is greatly desirable, but we need to realize these were mandated by the federal government. If we can get the Feds to quit messing in our business, then we can start to reverse generations of gerrymandering.

James H. Williams


Makes zero sense to keep extra beltway lane closed

To not use the extra I-485 lane is like a family, hard-pressed for space at home, deciding not to use a new bedroom because of what may take place five years hence.

This is easy: Open up the lane immediately; political and economic events five years in the future will sort themselves out.

Dan Laurent


In response to “UNC search signals shift” (Jan. 18):

UNC board must be held accountable for ousting Ross

I’m happy to take UNC Board Chairman John Fennebresque at his word, that politics had nothing to do with the ouster of UNC President Tom Ross.

But if that’s the case, we should all be very concerned. The Board cannot explain why they want to replace him. They have not articulated a new vision for the university.

They have instead dismissed a skillful, experienced, and dedicated leader for no reason except that they just feel like it. That’s what’s called bad management.

That’s irresponsible stewardship of the institution they have pledged to advance. The public should insist that the Board display some of the accountability they have been demanding of the university for years.

Gregory Starrett


In response to “What Charlotte’s poor need” (Jan. 18 Viewpoint):

Can’t ignore relationship between education, poverty

I find it interesting that UNC law professor Gene Nichol fails to discuss the relationship between education and poverty.

A lower wage is merely a reflection on the value an employee provides to an employer. A more educated employee is likely to provide more value to an employer and be paid a higher wage.

But what use would we have for a “Center on Poverty” if Professor Nichol’s efforts actually worked to reduce poverty?

Eric Rowell


Further Internet regulations will stifle progress, innovation

This editorial (“Don’t turn the channel on change,” Jan. 19) was on a roll, then you blew it by calling for more regulation.

The opposite is what’s needed! The surest way to stifle innovation and ensure monopolization is for government to exert more control.

You can be assured that a free marketplace will meet consumer needs in the most efficient manner, and that Washington bureaucracy will only frustrate progress and consumer choice.

Jack Watson