Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to N.C. Opinions: Winston-Salem “Keep history books open” (Jan. 20):

Some teachers foist political views too

This editorial lauds the N.C. Department of Public Instruction for allowing teachers to choose history materials from various sources.

The reason for that approval is that no particular political view will be taught to children, instead of the disapproved one indirectly associated with the Koch brothers.

Are we to believe that teachers don’t have a political view they will try to foist on the children? How amusing. The funny pages are now found in the A section.

Lewis Guignard


In response to “State pays for sending living man to morgue” (Jan. 20):

All in N.C. might want to considering carrying this card

It’s hard for me to believe that we have such a lack of quality control in the Department of Health and Human Services and the medical examiner’s office that a living, breathing human was sent to the morgue – and the explanation the medical examiner offers concerning his guilt is: “Hell no.”

This behooves all in North Carolina to carry on you a card which states: “Please make sure I am dead before you zip up bag.”

John. J. Corcoran


In response to “Condemn terrorism without praising offensiveness” (Jan. 20 For the Record):

You can’t ignore the other freedoms in First Amendment

Jibril Hough makes some good points regarding the First Amendment right of free speech. But he ignores freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

Inherent in freedom of religion is freedom to not have a religion imposed upon us. You may worship as you please, but I’m not bound by the tenets of your religion.

Satirical Charlie Hebdo will publish items with the intent of “getting under the skin.” Comedians will use race and religion in their acts – that is their right.

Bottom line – people and publications will offend us. We do not have the right to murder because we are upset.

So I say to Mr. Hough, condemn terrorism but don’t ignore the facts.

Bill Harraman


Once again State of the Union had sizzle, but no substance

Sizzle usually gets more votes than substance. If President Obama’s sizzle agenda brought peace and prosperity, as he trumpeted in the State of the Union, then why was the 2014 vote overwhelmingly Republican?

Could it be that Obama’s sizzling “change you can believe in” had no substance? But still, we heard deja vu all over again.

Ed Mesko


GOP offers stale ideas, Obama forward-thinking initiatives

Republicans seem to have forgotten the massive ditch the Bush administration left us in.

During the State of the Union I heard the president talk about a number of forward-thinking initiatives that would help millions of middle-class workers.

What are Republicans’ ideas? Cut regulation on business? Reform the tax code, but in whose favor? Talk about stale ideas.

Besides, that’s exactly what George W. Bush did – and that didn’t work out so well.

Chris Porier


In response to “Publix construction creates traffic woes” (Jan. 21):

Alleviate mess, make a stretch of South Boulevard one-way

As a South Boulevard business owner, I have a front-row view of just how busy and dangerous the road is.

The City should make South Boulevard one-way after Scaleybark Road and funnel opposing traffic down South Tryon Street.

This would relieve South Boulevard congestion and spur economic improvements on South Tryon.

Karen H. Good


Seeking some ‘angels’ to take me out of my trolley misery

I enjoyed the article on the sanitation crew helping a motorist caught on debris from the trolley project. (Everyday Angels “Charlotte sanitation crew helps driver,” Jan. 20)

I, too, have found them to be very kind.

Let me suggest they could be “real angels” if they would pitch in and help finish this silly trolley project, which has dragged on for far too long.

Bill Scullin