Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “I’ll keep taking my permitted weapon to Harris Teeter” (Jan. 28 Forum):

What are gun toters so afraid of?

In spite of Forum writer Mike Vee’s insistence on his constitutional right to carry his permitted weapon into Harris Teeter – a well known hangout for gang members, terrorists, etc. – his tone of belligerence and aggression suggests concerns and issues beyond and apart from protection of family and Constitution.

Perhaps we need to be asking Mr. Vee and his companions in arms, “Exactly what is it you’re afraid of?”

Could it be that putting down our guns allows us to finally start seeing some truth and beauty in the world?

Paul Suko


In response to Our View “Freedom – to ignore the law” (Jan. 27 Editorial):

Stam’s ‘religious freedom’ bill promotes discrimination

I was under the impression that the “we reserve the right to refuse service” brand of discrimination was banned by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with attitudes of even the worst offenders giving ground to equality over the course of time.

How sad then to hear that Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam would like to revive the practice some 50 years later, albeit with a different minority target in mind.

Arnie Grieves


Google Fiber is a huge deal; entrepreneurship will flourish

When Google Fiber flips the switch on its network in Charlotte, Time Warner and AT&T will no longer be the only games in town and something like real competition will emerge among Internet service providers.

More importantly, Google Fiber presents the promise of economic development activity of a more innovative and progressive character than the staid corporate recruiting and hidebound traditions of financial services companies and their service providers.

Google Fiber presents the best opportunity to stimulate real entrepreneurship Charlotte has ever had.

Ashe Lockhart


Get Foxx to pull some strings to open unused I-485 lane

Why don’t city and/or county officials call Anthony Foxx – our former mayor and current U.S. Secretary of Transportation – and ask him why we can’t open that extra lane on I-485?

Little help, old buddy?

Matthew S. Wall


In response to “Obama proposes drilling off N.C.” (Jan. 28):

So no drilling in Alaska, but it’s OK to drill off Carolinas coast?

How is it that President Obama wants to rule out drilling in the wilderness of Alaska where many locals want to drill, but is willing to authorize oil exploration off the Carolinas where many locals don’t want drilling?

Fracking in North Carolina is a whole lot safer than drilling 50 miles off the coast! Can’t make sense of this administration!

Peter J. Augusta


In response to “Rail ridership rebounds” (Jan. 22):

Charlotte’s bold decision to build Lynx line is paying off

The writer is CEO of Grubb Properties.

It was great to see the increase in ridership for light rail; however, ridership is probably not the best way to measure mass transit’s success.

Millennials, who will soon surpass Baby Boomers as the largest generation alive in the U.S., are deciding where they want to move for their first jobs and later for raising families. A community where they have access to mass transit is one of their highest priorities.

Fortunately, Charlotte is reaping the benefits of its bold decision to commit to mass transit.

Clay Grubb


In response to “The danger of selfish anti-vaxxers” ( Jan. 28 Viewpoint):

Maybe this will change your mind about immunizations

If you are considering skipping immunizations for your child, I urge you to go to YouTube.com and enter “What whooping cough sounds like.”

Click on the recording, which lasts 2 minutes and 21 seconds. Listen to the whole thing. Now, imagine listening to that all night.

Still want to skip those shots?

Ted Lucas