Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “What are gun toters so afraid of?” (Jan. 29 Forum):

Those with guns prepared to protect

There seems to be some confusion about the difference between being afraid of something and being prepared.

Carrying a weapon does not mean someone is afraid, it means they are prepared.

Maybe Forum writer Paul Suko should take off those rose-colored glasses. The world is full of truth, beauty, and the occasional lunatic with bad intentions.

Gun-toting Mike Vee and people like him are prepared for the latter so that people like Mr. Suko can enjoy the former.

Bob Buch


In response to “After 54 years, justice served” (Jan. 29):

Friendship Nine displayed true character at difficult time

I was struck by the courage and bravery of the men of Friendship Nine.

They did it at a time when it was not chic or popular to protest for civil rights. That is character of the real kind.

Keith Ratliff


Let Google Fiber be pathway to jobs and more for impoverished

The writer is CEO of Crisis Assistance Ministry.

Tuesday’s Google Fiber announcement and the simultaneous efforts of Time Warner and AT&T to bring universal high-speed access to Charlotte should be applauded by all citizens.

“Access for all” means a pathway to jobs, education and more for the 150,000 people living in poverty in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Let’s work together to ensure that these plans include affordable connections to this critical 21st century tool for our most impoverished homes and under-served neighborhoods.

Carol Hardison


In response to “Sponsors of NASCAR Hall slide to $110,000” (Jan. 29):

NASCAR Hall a drain on Charlotte, move it to Daytona

I’ve been to the NASCAR Hall; it’s well done, very interesting for the NASCAR fan.

However, I’ve never been back because once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it.

Do the right thing NASCAR Hall officials, and move the Hall to Daytona where it will have a much larger audience to draw from – and won’t be a constant drain on so many people and entities here.

Dexter Greene


In response to “N.C.’s union rate lowest in U.S.” (Jan. 29):

Democrats must stop limiting power of labor unions in N.C.

Now is the time for the N.C. Democratic Party to make reversal of the 1947 “Right to Work” law its top priority for the 2016 election.

There is a correlation between the low rate of unionization and the millions in North Carolina suffering the reality of today’s economy.

The Democratic Party will not deserve majority status until it unifies behind the principle that all workers have the right to unionize.

Robert Hrozencik


In response to “Old oak trees are tottering” (Jan. 25):

TreesCharlotte also helping to preserve city’s tree canopy

Reporter Bruce Henderson is our environmental canary vigilantly keeping us aware.

With its 50 percent coverage goal by 2050 and 10,000 new trees planted yearly, the city seeks to arrest the pernicious decline of Charlotte’s iconic tree canopy.

Assisting is TreesCharlotte, which plants another 10,000-plus trees every year.

TreesCharlotte, with its $475,000 budget (23 percent administrative overhead), is solely private and all planting season work is done by enthusiastic volunteers.

Come join us!

Rolfe Neill


Opening unused lane on I-485 will make commute worse

Please, I beg you, don’t open that extra lane on I-485.

The evening ride on the outerbelt from Johnston Road to Rea Road used to be tolerable.

The third lane has made it unbearable.

Adding the fourth lane would bring it to a standstill.

All that has happened so far is that the choke point has moved from South Boulevard to Rea Road. Funneling four lanes into two will make it even worse.

Butch Kegley