Kevin Siers

Don’t knock moderate politicians; we need them!

Don’t knock moderate politicians!

In response to “Conservatives like me can tolerate Lamb” (March 16):

Forum writer Dickie Benzie writes that Conor Lamb has conservative values, citing his stands on abortion and gun rights.

Though his values are a bit more conservative than many in the Democratic Party, it is a long stretch to call them conservative.

Fact is that most would call Lamb a moderate, something truly lacking in our government today. And to call him a DINO is an insult to the majority of Americans.

Doug Samut, Mooresville

Sessions took the low road firing McCabe

Firing Andrew McCabe, an FBI veteran, 26 hours before his retirement and pension, is the lowest, most despicable act by President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions that one can imagine. It was probably done to divert attention from the Robert Mueller probe and the allegations by the porn star.

Dewey Rochester, Charlotte

Trump setting bad example for cabinet

If President Trump is unhappy with some of his Cabinet members’ use of public funds, perhaps he should look in the mirror and reflect on wasting taxpayer dollars to play golf more than 100 times. Or the $3 million it costs us each time he flies to Mar-a-Lago. Or spending time watching television and then tweeting what he saw on Fox & Friends. I could go on, but it makes me weary just thinking about it.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Impressed with Living/Arts section

In response to “A timely visit to ‘The Mountaintop’ has special resonance” (March 18):

Thank you Lawrence Toppman for the beautifully written piece on Leonard Bernstein’s life! The Broadway series review was very informative as was the review of Mountain Top. The Sunday Living/Arts section was exceptional.

Ann Davis, Cornelius

Parents, take the lead on school equity

Affluent parents who care about our community can step up to battle inequity in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools instead of just waiting for policy makers to figure out solutions.

The first step: send our kids to public neighborhood schools and be active in those schools, instead of sending our kids and dollars to private schools. PTA fundraisers are great for schools, but increase inequality because that money isn’t available for higher-need schools.

Second step, which you can do even if you ignore step one: match your PTA contributions to donations to PTAs of high-poverty schools. Step three: advocate for mixed-income, affordable housing in our neighborhoods. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Yen Duong, Charlotte

Prayer is still possible in schools

In response to “Banning guns won’t help; return to God” (March 18 Forum):

I agree with Forum writer Christopher Gray on one thing: School shootings are not a gun issue, but instead an issue of the heart.

I can only sigh at his solution. As typical of Americans, blame is placed on others. The assertion is made that prayer was somehow “eliminated” in school. Students, faculty, and staff are free to pray at any time. What was curbed was the forced prayer to a particular god. If you want your child to pray in school, encourage them to do so as often as they wish. Want society to become better? Respect the beliefs of everyone, whether you practice them or not, and encourage your kids to be kind, accepting, and loving of all people whether they are “like us” or not.

Charles Fortanbary,


Toxic masculinity creates violence

In response to “The quiet cause of mass shootings” (March 16 Opinion):

Finally, a wise voice guiding us in the right direction concerning our epidemic of gun deaths. It is tragic to see boys struggling to find manhood using power over others as the only measure. What happens when they feel the need to prove that power? Buy a gun? Justin Perry is suggesting we learn to not mask our pain or insecurities, to speak to each other, to cooperate. I agree. We have to challenge the toxic masculinity we parade before our sons. The biggest button, or the biggest gun, does not define the biggest man.

Philip Loydpierson,


What did Hope Hicks lie about?

Does anyone know what Hope Hicks’s little lies were so the public can decide the significance? Of course, maybe they were top secret lies.

Albert So, Charlotte