You Write the Caption

Your Presidents Day challenge: 02/16/2015

Welcome to You Write the Caption, the Charlotte Observer cartoon caption contest, an opportunity to test your wit and win a prize. Each Monday, Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers will post a political cartoon that needs a caption and invite readers to write one. Winner will receive the original (black and white) Siers artwork. To learn more about our contest and see our caption writing guidelines, please click here.

Please include your MAILING ADDRESS and daytime phone number. Entries without a mailing address can not be considered as finalists.

Deadline for entries is NOON, Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Enter as many times as you wish. To submit your caption online, just click here to e-mail us. (Or address your e-mail to

To mail your caption to the Observer, address it to You Write the Caption, Editorial Department, The Charlotte Observer, P.O. Box 30308, Charlotte, NC 28230-0308.

Winner will be announced Friday morning online and in the print newspaper Monday.