You Write the Caption

The Presidents Day winner: Feb. 20, 2015

The Winner: Sergio Ciccone of Matthews

“YOLO: You Obviously Lack Originality!”


“YOBamaLO: You Only Become A Mediocre American Leader Once.”

Dr. John Merritt, Harrisburg

“If you go to war against ISIS it will improve BOTH our images.”

Carolyn Hudson, Columbia, S.C.

“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

Bill McGloughlin, Charlotte

Thank you for all your entries. This week’s challenge was based on a Buzzfeed video President Obama made last weekpromoting health care signups. For more info on the video, and the real definition of YOLO, click here. To see the actual Buzzfeed video, click here.

Here’s a selection of some of the other better lines we received this week:

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who can I blame to take the fall."

"Miss me yet?"

"Brother Jeb's going to blame you for the next eight years."

"By George, I think he's got it!"

"Mirrors don't lie."

"Deja vu all over again."

"Remember, it's the illusion of leadership that counts!"

Feel free to join a discussion about the winner, add more captions of your own, or let us know your favorites by clicking the 'Comments' link below. Please join us again Monday, Feb. 23, for a new cartoon caption challenge. Kevin Siers